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So, had a fab time at my grandad parents & I was 110% on plan!!!


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Well on saturday me my little boy, my mum and dad went to my mums parents house and my uncle and aunt went too. Its something that we do once a year for a big family meal! My grandparents are Jamaican and brilliant cooks so I knew I had 2 choices:
1. Go and enjoy the food but risk ruining the previous 3 days of 100% SW.
2. I knew there was going to be meat and veg, so go extra easy and have the meat and veg and take my own roasted veg and onion sauce.

I chose number 2 and I was so proud of myself for being prepared so that I could stick to plan. It was easier than I thought to resist.There were afew tricky moments like when I smelled the fried fish and Jamaican cake, lol, delish! There was loads of skinless chicken and veg so along with the veg I bought and the sauce I was stuffed full of free and measured synned food :D.

I resisted: fried fish, gravy, rice and peas, apple pie, custard, Jamaican cake, wine, nuts and carrot punch!

After the last few months of messing around and struggling to get into the SW zone this was a massive achievement for me!
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I will do this!!!
Well done wish i had an ounce of your will power!!


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Well done wish i had an ounce of your will power!!
Thanks that really means a lot because I have finally found the determination and motivation again that I had when I first started, but this time I am determined to keep it going until I reach my goal and to maintain!


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My late mum used to teach in a school with a fair few Jamaican families and she used to bring home Jamaican cake that the mum's had brought in for cake sales and stuff. I had totally forgotten about it til I read your post, it was absoutely delicious! Just as well that I can't have any now as I think it would totally undermine SW! :rotflmao:

Well done on resisting all the temptations, I hope you get your reward at the scales on WI day! :D
well done you. I love Jamaican Food, one of my best friends parents when I was younger were Jamaican, oh my her mum used to cook the best Jerk Chicken and Rice and Peas. I loved the sarsparella too. Managed to get it again a few years back at Asda's was lovely.

I made a lower fat version of Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Rice and Peas a month or so back, it was quite nice, but nothing like the real deal obviously.
Well done! Get your head right and the rest follows :D

Yours is an inspiring story. It's really hard for me especially around family to stay with it. So, thanks for sharing. Next time I'm going to remember your post and do better.:wave_cry:


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Well done! Get your head right and the rest follows :D
That is so true. Plus preparation is the key, not just being prepared with food and in your mind but preparing the food you really love so that you aren't feeling deprived and so you feel like you have something special too.

At the next meal I am aiming to be at goal so I shall be partaking and I cant wait :D mmmm stew peas and rice, delish!
Well done for not giving in to temptation Hun, especially as this food brings back fond memories for you!

I had the same at the weekend at a relatives party..thankfully was a Hog Roast and I stuck to the pork and salad. Hubby and Daughter on the other hand filled their boots.


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The thing is when I get into the zone and get determined to do it, I dont mess about I give it everything and I surprise myself sometimes with the will power that I do have. I really want this. I said I didnt want to be fat and 30, well im 31 in April and I will not be turning fat and 32, NO WAY PEDRO, lol!

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