So happy at the minute..


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Thats brill, keep up the good work!!


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Well done on getting into the 19's you'll soon be in the 18's too x


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Hi Scarybush

That's brilliant I'm so pleased for you. Hope the next week goes well and keep up the good work.



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well done!


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Woohoo, Congrats! It's a good feeling isn't it? Store it up and save it to memory for those times it gets hard, it'll help keep you strong :)


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well done!!


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thats great scary,,,good for you

irish molly

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Well done. Every pound down is one gone forever. Each week you will get nearer your goal. Set some mini milestones along the way as it really helps to motivate you. Keep up the water intake . I really believe water is so important both during LT and afterwards when you try to maintain. Good luck for the coming week.


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fantastic girlie well done..with this diet anything is possible.. bottle that feeling and keep it safe and keep at it!!! youre doing great! :D xx


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Thanks everyone for your encouragement..gonna keep strong and hold onto this feeling.. Am gonna start heading to the gym from Wed on, once I've the money to pay for it..tighting up this skin..looking foward to getting into a pair of jeans I don't have to buy in a Plus size womens shop..


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Fantastic loss Scary.. What a fantastic buzz for you.. All your hard work is paying off... Good luck for next week x x


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Fantastic, well done. keep it up, imagine how you'll look and feel in a few months, Spring is on it's way :)