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so happy with myself (",)


Is determined this time..
wow thats great..

you must be on cloud 9.. good luck with the rest of your time on CD and your bound to hit your goal fast!

I agree though.. this diet is great for results!
Well done you!
The weight loss on this diet is incredible.
I did LL a few years ago and it took me 11 weeks to lose 3 stone.
I've just had my weigh-in for week 4 and have lost another 5lbs making it 1.5 stone for the month.
It's incredible... you're right, the CD inventors are amazing.

Keep at it xx pisces... you'll make it.
We should all be very proud of ourselves.


Peggy McParrot
concure, this diet is fab, just why did we not find it earlier,,,,,great losses keepit going


Is determined this time..
Ahh thanks every1 ;)
If it wasn't for the support here i'm not sure i would have been as easy..I keep getting told to stop torturing myself...
And everyone saying oh don't talk about food around her she is not allowed eat ..no i CHOOSE not to eat big difference ;) i am in great form now..big confidence boost :) xxxx
Good luck to everyone else XX

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I keep saying
no i CHOOSE not to eat big difference
to my daughter when she moans at me! lol

Really am chuffed for you, your losses have been fantastic!! Such a great month you will be motivated to the hilt I expect! :D

Look forward to following your success along the way :)
Well done on your weight loss it's great keep up the hard work you have put in and the weight will keep coming off. good luck
maria xx
Thats a brillaint weight loss, you must be chuffed to bits! Well Done! :D

I am also looking forward to wearing nice tops and skirts in the summer instead of baggy smocks etc....

keep up the good work and you'll be there in no time at all!

Cat Bee x


Is determined this time..
Girls i am such a fool..i do be nearly in tears reading these posts :O i think it's because strangers genuinely seem so happy for you ..it really means so much to come onto this site and read such positive comments thank u all so much !XXXXXX
well done!!! great to see you've stuck it out a month now!! its all downhill from here ;) keep up the great work!! :)


Stubborn tortoise
Well done Pisces, so inspiring... in one month!!!! Yay!!!!! CD is fab but we are all supporting each other here and that's what has made such a difference to me... I don't know anyone else locally doing CD but on this site I have found so much support, advice and new friends in the same boat!!! We can do it!!!


Is determined this time..
Ah tanx katy..i was down another 4 and a half pound yesterday so really happy that i am still sticking with it ...hope every1 is still going strong!!XXXX
well done hunny, hopefully i will be sharing that cloud with ya this week!! Great news


Stubborn tortoise
Fantastic!!!! I've been working away for a whole week so hoping at best to stay the same... but feel optimistic and very happy that although I didn't stick religiously to 810 I was as controlled as I could be... high protein, lo-carb, and didn't crave sugar or carbs. For me, that is as good as a weight loss!


Is determined this time..
Thanks girls ;)
I am having a bit of a bad day :( havn't touched anything but craving food so bad...that's why i am on this hahaha..
I just tried on a pair of jeans that r 3 sizes smaller and they just fit so do not wanna ruin it ..
congrats katy gr8 to hear u r doing so well ;) keep up ur gr8 work XXXXX


Stubborn tortoise
Wow with the jeans Pisces!!!! THREE sizes! I bought a new dress last week, a 16, but it made me look almost slim and that was great. Things like that are great motivators.
After posting a positive report of my week away, I then started to fall into bad habits yesterday... picking... and craving sweet stuff which I haven't done for ages. I think for me it is easy to be good when I'm away, & not easy at all when I am home, so I do know how you feel. I am determined to keep the SS+ /810 ticking over for a while longer though as I have another 8 days working away at the end of the month. Then I will jump back into the safety zone of SS!
Pisces stay strong, you are resisting temptation and doing so well! I wonder if you are like me... when I tell myself I am doing OK (like when I posted yesterday) I then go and sabotage it. Old habits die hard but you resisted and so will I. We are training ourselves into new and better habits, as well as smaller jeans! Have a great Tuesday.