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Attack So here goes...

Right, this is my first diary entry

I'm all set to start the Attack Phase tomorrow and I'm planning on having the following for the day-I'd be grateful for any comments

Breakfast: yogurt and oatbran

Lunch: omelette with 2 eggs, onion, herbs and smoked salmon

Dinner: chicken breast in some kind of yogurt-y type dressing (I may need to visit the recipe forum first..)

I'm feeling very motivated at the moment, just hope it keeps up!
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grammar police
sounds good Teasey, perhaps a little light on the protein - you'll need to eat plenty, especially in the first few days. Try and keep the onion to a minimum in attack - it should be just enough to add a little flavour, not so much that it's like adding vegetables to the meal. Perhaps add some chicken thighs or drumsticks, or even cook a whole chicken to pick at. Make sure you drink plenty of water and add a multi vitamin in there too!
Thanks Emma. I'm really clueless with this low carb thing cos I've never done anything like this before-but that's the whole point I suppose....

I'll have a read of a few more diaries/menus to see what you guys are doing and change the plan a bit. I'll let you know later how I get on!
Ok so third and last day of attack and I'm finally feeling a bit better. Though I'm really not enjoying my food-it's just too rich for me. I'd kill for an apple, but I'll resist. My menus for the weekend were ah follows

B: yogurt and oatbran
L: 1 egg omelette with smoked salmon and quark and chive dip
D: roasted salmon with prawns in a galette type thing without the oatbran. Weird but nice
S: vanilla yogurt, smoked salmon

B: oatbran galette with lemon juice
L: homemade turkey burgers with quark dip
D: roast chicken with one egg omelette
S: smoked salmon, vanilla yogurt

Weighday is tomorrow!
Well I made it through Attack (just!) And I actually feel great today.

First weigh in and I've lost 6lbs! Chuffed with that, I'm well on the way now

Yesterday looked like this:
B: Muller Light Vanilla
L: 2 eggs scrambled with a little skimmed milk
D: chicken skewers marinaded in tikka spices with yogurt, coriander and chive dip
S: yogurt and oatbran with sweetener, chicken pieces

I'm worried I'm a little high on the dairy but so far it doesn't seem to be slowing the weightloss...

Roll on The Cruise Phase!


** Chief WITCH **
Excellent work! What is amusing also is how much more inventive your menus are already!!

Have you tried muffins? I see "yoghurt + oatbran" often, but that (to me at least!) is a rather sad way of having one's oatbran ration when there are muffins/cakes/bread to be had! (OK an overactive imagination is required too to recognise our efforts as producing what we seek to bake!)

Dairy is up to 1K a day in Cruise and, if your weight loss continues at a rate you're happy with, go for it. I unfortunately can't. Many can't, but it's good for you!
Thank's everyone-it's amazing the difference a couple of days make, I'm like a new person!

I haven't tried muffins yet as I thought you had to be in Cruise to .have wheatbran? Anyway-I'm going to try them tonight!


grammar police
Well done on the loss Teasey, 6lb is a great result.

Wheatbran is only allowed in cruise, it counts as a tolerated item, so you should only really add it if you're having 'transit' issues. It can add a lovely kind of nutty flavour to your muffins, but it's not necessary to add it in - the recipe works fine with just the oatbran.


** Chief WITCH **
That's my fault Emma... for mentioning the muffins (but "in my day" wheatbran was ok!!!)
Made my first batch of muffins with just oatbran and I'm very proud of myself! Worked perfectly first time and were amazing with my smoked salmon, chive and quark pate :)

Did I read somewhere that we're allowed sugar free jelly in Cruise or was I hallucinating?

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