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so here is the full story.............

I have mentioned in some of my previous posts that this time my hubby created a contract/promise for me to sign.:eek:

Tim is really supporting me and it has made the world of difference to how I am approaching LT this time. I know feel in my heart, that I am going to get to goal, and have the strength to change for life. Before hand, I wanted to but always doubted myself and that in it's self was a self sabotage and so I failed.:mad:

Because I love and deeply respect my Tim, this contract has really made a difference to how I view LT this time, when I signed the contract my heart was beating like I was saying Wedding Vow's, that is how serious I take this.

So I would like to share some of the contract with you, I think it shows how much Tim does understand my issues even more than me. This may be an insight as to how your partner/family may be feeling. Hoping it may provide some inspiration or motivation.:D

February 2010, Anna going onto Lipotrim.
Weight Promises between Tim and Anna

Tim to Anna

I want you to lose this obsession.
Get weighed when asked to by Tim, otherwise Anna should not use scales.
Anna should not have to worry or think about how much she weighs. If she has eaten something she knows was bad, the next morning we could weigh you.

Whilst on Lipotrim I feel it should be about how you feel and how you look, not your weight. Our weigh in’s will be random (preferably AM), NOT at a set weekly time.
When you are a size 10/12 or weight 9.5/10 stone, then you should come off lipotrim and not before, then you must try on sexy nightwear to check suitable size. :p

After lipotrim if you are about to eat too much of something I will stop you – by tickling.
When eating certain items you should not over indulge. i.e. 1 packet of crisps, 1 chocolate bar, one cake etc, not a whole packet of something.
You must be honest with me about what indulgences you have had during the day if it occurs.

At least 2 (suggested by Tim) or 3 (suggested by Anna) times a week, you should either: do DVD on exercise, get up early or evening most likely.
Gardening or go for a walk. This does not include ministry or town.

And if you start going backwards.
If you start getting fatter, clothes get tighter or noticeable body differences, I must closely monitor you in the way I feel will benefit you – and make sure you exercise and eat properly, for up to a month. I’m sure I will continue to watch you after this too but silently.

Anna to Tim

Tim must agree to do all the above without judgement, with kindness and love always being the motivation. Being gentle with the weaker vessel.

I promise


We have both signed and printed this off. ;)
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thats so sweet, sound like u have a very lovin relashionship and he supports u totally... i must show this to oh, he supports me but hes struggling how to... nic x
please do it took us a long time to get to a understanding of each other, but with total honesty we have come to this :}


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
thats so sweet, sound like u have a very lovin relashionship and he supports u totally... i must show this to oh, he supports me but hes struggling how to... nic x
agreed...its nice
Awww that's so sweet!

You are so lucky to have someone who supports you. It makes things so much easier.

We must always remember that we are doing this for ourselves and no one else. Other people/factors must come second. I find it's the reason a lot of people are overweight. They tend to under value themselves, and put everyone and everything else before their own health and well being. Being on LT is a time to be selfish, and get some of that well deserved pride back.

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