So I admit it


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I havent been successful at restarting AT ALL. In fact, I have been really really bad. Don't want to talk about food as there are people on here who find it difficult to read about and continue to diet but you name it, I have eaten it. I dare not even approach the scales for fear I will die of shock!!! So, decision made, I feel my head needs to be in the right place to do this diet and it wont be until I have no social events for at least four weeks so that I can get into the swing of things.
Therefore, I have decided that I am going to restart on January 2nd. I need your support , I really do. Want this SO much but SO SO scared that I will never get back on the wagon.
In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas and a very very Happy New Year.
A xxx
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Of course you will get back on the wagon! I have also started SS, then lost it, was messing about for almost a month, one day doing SS next eating nutella with a spoon...
What surprised me is that I haven't gained more (just 4lb with a month of massive overeating).
So things might not be as bad as you think! Sometimes you feel fatter than you actually are (if that makes sense). Hop on scales, see where you are and start tomorrow.
You can loose quite a bit until xmas (I lost 10lb in 5 days!), so don't give up trying. If you start now, you will loose about 10lb, then for xmas try to be sensible if you are going to eat, and you will probably gain only a pound or two. That will go in no time, then you can continue on your road to slimmer you.


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i admit to falling off the wagon -- only lost 8lbs in 15 days -- but if i think positively its 8lbs lighter than what i was on the 1st of december 2008 -- still have a very long way to go -- going to make a marker for each stone i lose -- :):)

Percy greenfingers

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Morning, I've been finding it really hard to and after chatting to Jim from this site have started Atkins. (I have done it years ago and know the rules) Started on Saturday, have enjoyed eating with the family again which ie great, and have lost 3.5lb so there are other ideas out there.
Now where's my bacon and egg?



I can totally relate to the problem of restarting!

I find it so difficult! It really depresses me that I am finding it so hard. It is so easy, but I have a mental block telling me that I am being deprived. I need help. I am constantly binging, and have put on 2 stone.

If I see any temptation I fail!

My family are not very supportive, but I think thaey r bored with the diet now!

I also think I am resistant as I have PCOS, and feel sorry for myself. I know its mind over matter.

All we can do is keep trying!!!

If at first you don't succeed