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So I emailed a CDC...

After looking at all the amazing progress evident in the signatures and posts of the members of this forum, I've been looking into the Cambridge Diet, and I loved what I saw.

I must have read every scrap of info on the website over the past week, and finally contacted a counselor today. :eek: I'm waiting for her to email me back, but I'm actually kinda psyched. And nervous - mostly about whether my doctor will sign the form or if I'll like any of the products, not so much about what I'll do on Christmas Day or how yuck I might feel.

Hopefully I will be joining all you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) in early September. I'd love to start earlier, but I've been planning a weekend away with a night bar hopping for my birthday for far too long too long to cancel.

Wish me luck? :confused:
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Absolutely!! Good luck! This diet does work and if you stick with it then you will become whatever shape, size and person you want to be!!!

Em x
Hi and welcome. It'll be nice to see you around in the Cambridge section. The more the merrier!! :D

I'm sure you could plan it so that Christmas week is your "add a meal" week. I don't think many people would want to be having a shake for Christmas Dinner, although I imagine some do.
Thank you all, I am really excited ^^
well done on making the jump to change ur life. i had my 1st weigh in 2day i lost 8.5lbs i would have lost more but wasnt long ago i was doing lipotrim so it sort of just carried on as a normal weekly loss 4 me. the food really is acctualy yummy my fave is banana shake and the apple and cinnimon porrage. make sure u drink plenty of water and dont over doo ur 1st week. u need alot of will to do this and u sound liek u have tonns so go 4 it chick u will feel so much better after week 1.. good luck :)
I'm going to see my soon-to-be counselor on Monday morning!
welocme to the site and the diet good luck
Thank you for all of you support!

I went to see my CDC this morning - she was very nice - got the form filled in and I arranged a doctors appointment for tomorrow to get the form signed. So hopefully I'll be all set to start after tomorrow, even if I am waiting until the 6th of next month
Hi Phoenixshonour,

I'm glad you posted. I was thinking about you and checked your profile out to see if you'd reported back on this yet as I'm really interested to hear how you find it.

Best of luck with CD (i'm sure you'll do great) and keep us posted



please try again
congratulations on getting the ball rolling, youve been mighty quick off the mark!

hope it goes well with the gp tomorrow! good luck
Oops, haven't been around in a while!

Went to the doctors, and my instinct of hating going was utterly confirmed. The doctor who saw me was lovely enough, if a bit useless, but couldn't sign the form (had to ask someone more senior), and instead just kept asking me about if I'd tried other options and how I was going to maintain and to be honest just made me feel awful or as if she thought I was stupid.

She weighed, measured, took my blood pressure and generally poked and prodded at me. This is why I don't go to doctors! ...maybe I'm being too sensitive, but it just feels like when I'm actually trying to do something about my weight, they're making it difficult. She did have it signed in the end, at a cost of £20. *sigh* Oh well. At least it's done, and I'm all set to start and get my first packs on the 6th September!


Needs more willpower
Hi and welcome . That's good news so you're already to start now. My docs charged me as well, odd really when all we're trying to do is lose weigh . Good luck when you start and look forward to some good weight losses :)

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