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so i'm about to go...

I'm about to set off for my weekly weigh in (except its tonight instead of Sunday).

Don't know what its going to be like as i cheated and had 2 quorn sausages on sat. Have been drinking lots of water (almost 4 litres some days) so i shall see.

Wish me luck!
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GOOD LUCK BABES!!! Let us know how you get on. *hugs* xx
Damn only 1 1/2 lb!!! I was really trying this week *grumbles - stupid diet*:mad:

AAM week this week though, so lets see, but I'm really struggling now :sigh:. My losses are so low even when i stick to it.... whats the point anymore?


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Come on a loss is a loss, I was told that for some reason on week 4 your losses suffer, so have AAMW it may be what you body needs...

But come off it just shy of a stone in a month is fantastic! well done you.. I know you are disappointed this week but look at the overall!

Good luck for this week and try not to get too down..

oi! you've lost a stone in a month!!!
I DARE you to do that by oing weightwatchers - nigh on impossible matey!

Chin up!
True. I am proud of what I've achieved so far. Its just trying hard but feeling like your getting no-where thats disappointing. Anyway, weekend with the in-laws and i shall be going to a lovely Chinese restaurant called noodle bar (yes its noodles and carbohydrates but i think I've deserved it) THEN i shall be good for the rest of the week (may even do a few days ss to compensate :rolleyes:. Yes i know I'm bending the rules, but i need to look forward to something to keep me going, otherwise I'm going to fail :(

Also quick question....i don't like very many vegetables (none of the AAM selection) what should i do?
you had an early weigh in so its not a full week you've had something like 4 days, the veg in AAM is anything thats green or white x and on AAM when i did it i thought i was funny and had WHITE bread becuase i didnt want the veg, try calling you CDC to offer alternatives and she might even say dont worry about the veg but the protien is essential x
The only veg i like are peas, carrots, sweetcorn, parsnip and potato lol....hmm, don't think I'm allowed any of these. She suggested doubling the protein portion... oh and sugarsnaps (i think thats what they are)

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