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So many people on CD a 2nd time around........


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I am trying second time around, I lost 2 stone first time and have only put back 8lbs which is not too bad considering what I am eating.
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No diet guarantees a permanent 'fix'. I think you'll find VLCDs aren't unusual in having their fair share of back-sliders: just as many people return to WW, SW, RC or any other plan a second, third time etc.

Being overweight is often just a symptom of an issue with eating ... simply losing the excess weight doesn't always address those issues unfortunately - hence many people finding themselves back to where they started.

For myself, I'm on yet another restart because I never reached goal before slipping.

The only way of maintaining once goal is reached is by a permanent change of lifestyle and that's true of any weight loss plan ... and something I'll have to address when and if I get to goal.


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:D i've done nearly every diet going CD, LT, SW and various others and always put the weight back on because i eat the wrong things and do sod all exercise - none of that is the fault of the diet i used to lose the weight;)

But this time is different !!!! Well, i think so anyway, getting too old to yoyo like this :rolleyes:

So hopefully and if need be once i get to the weight i want, i will be able to eat sensibly and dip in and out of CD as i need to to maintain the loss without letting things get too far this time :eek:


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As others have said, diets will help you lose the weight. That's pretty much it. It's up to you to keep it off.

I did SW about 6-7 times, WW about 4 times and many other diets and have lost hundreds of stones ;) Never managed to keep it off though.

This time I lost it with CD and have maintained. Not really because it was easier after CD. Just because having lost the weight it was time for me to crack the maintenance lark


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Im back on ss and working through the plans as I had an 8 week maintenance period to accustom myself to my new size and give my body a rest.


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As the others have said the diet works, it's what you do after the diet that matters though, as I say to customers if you got big once, you can get big twice! so you have to plan for the future and deal with whatever issues there are that make you overeat whether that be boredom, comfort, stress, portion control etc etc, you must find the root cause of why you put too many calories in otherwise you will be renting a slim body for a few months.


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I am back as I did not get to goal before taking a break but I felt I lost the weight so quick I couldnt get used to being the size I was.
I have tried other diets in the break ans not been sucessful but all told in an 8 month break I only put 13lb back on which is not that bad


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i took 8 months off in total after loosing three stone but not getting to target as i had enough of choc tetras :p

only gained 7 pounds but that was water and i piged out but sorted a lifestyle out that works (gym three times a week and slimmers world ) but i don't lose well on sw i maintain great :Dbut don't lose so decided that i was better off going on cd to get the rest off as i have pcos and seems to be the best diet for me and i changed my target so i have 3 and a half stone left to go (just done two nearly )

its a great diet some people don't re start as they have gained allot , they re start as they have had a break and need to get the rest off ,

its not a diet that suits everyone i wish i was one of the people that get on ss and don't come off till target but i find it hard i can do 6 week stints then take a week then go back on ss for 6 weeks it works for me but wont for everyone hence this diet is not for anyone that thinks you don't need to change how you eat when they get to target ,as then you will be re starting as you gained weight not because you have had a break


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Great question Willow, I too wondered this! x

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