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So near - yet so far!! Advice for the last push please

I've noticed that its not just me thats close to goal but struggling reading lots of posts on here. They could be written by me.:(

For those that have successfully reached their goal - what pushed you to lose that last bit? :sign0163:

I got stuck at a similar weight to this last year - and here I am again - not gaining not really losing much.

With compliments and saboteurs a plenty - keeping 100% at this stage is tough when the results are low and slow. Motivation is slipping away.

I'm in danger of saying this is good enough for me, but really need to lose 9lbs to get to a healthy BMI.

I came back to LL to lose a 12lb gain - which I have done - so these last few pounds are what I failed to lose last time.

Any motivation and advice will be appreciated to keep me on track.
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Trying on clothes that were a bit tight helps me to stay focused,by trying them on every few days,or buying something you like in a smaller size,before you know it you will be there!
sexy xx
One thing Hannah,
Look at the LL returners thread. How many people say they gave up near the end, thought they could finish it off and maintain without RTM, thought it was too expensive - now wish they had seen it through and recommend it to others to complete the journey o the end.......................
Stick with it Hannah. You won't regret it hun and we are all here to support you. xx:)


I presumed you would complete RTM first anyway!


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I am struggling for motivation myself at the moment. I basically have to set myself interim goals instead of thinking about the end goal, and give myself things to look forward to to keep me going. As was suggested above, I do buy clothes that are just a bit small and I tell myself I can try them on again when I get to X weight. Also I have a weekend away booked and I know that I want to get to the healthy BMI range by the time that comes around - which if I'm 100% focused shouldn't be that difficult. I just have to keep these things in my head because the day to day stuff is really becoming a lot harder now. I was at a work thing this afternoon and they had a lot of food that I would normally love (won't go into detail) and it actually made me feel sick, watching other people eat it and me just sitting there with a glass of water. But I know that it'll be worth it in the end.
Great advice thanks people - feeling much more positive today!! xx
Just watched Dead Fat on BBC iplayer, and the debate afterwards. Wowee!!

Anyone struggling to stay on track should watch this, it is truly shocking. (Not for the squeemish!!)

Going to be 100% today, drink my water and go to the gym. Back in the zone. :)


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