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+++So Slinky Saturday on the hour every hour+++


Loving losing
Morning peeps!:)

Hope you all ready for a super slim weekend!

Nothing special happening this weekend for me apart from a visit from my sister and husband tomorrow evening as they pass through on the way to their hols. Will be cooking for them but that's not a problem.

Was naughty yesterday evening at a school quiz night, will spare the details other than to say I have horrendous indigestion this morning and it serves me right. Not going to dwell, just glug water big time. The good news was that our team won...the victory was sweet!!!

Lots of compliments yesterday - gosh they are hard to take still, I get so embarrassed. Will try and work out how to post a couple of pics later.

Have a fab day all and will pop in thro the day...

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Morning Sarah - you beat me to it this morning - will use my title tomorrow ;) and yes we will be slinky today........... Im going to be wearing my 14 jeans from now on so I dont have builders bum!!!!!

Lovely for you to have compliments last night you deserve them so you will have to get used to them. Hope the indigestion goes soon.

I have got a busy ish day but not too bad. taking William to tennis, then off to buy Amelia some brownie uniform trousers as I burnt the last pair with the iron:mad: then a spot of food shopping in tesco and off to HMV to buy the lion king soundtrack so she can practice her singing for her lesson.

then its home to do all the washing (Oh joy) and then we are going out for tea so will have a ss+ day today and have chicken salad so can still be 100%.

Hope everyone has a good day and Lexie hope you have a better day today chick and your TOTM comes soon.

Catch you all later


Cambridge Consultant
Morning all...
Hope everyone is ready for a lovely rainy 100% saturday (well its raining here)..
Sarah your doing great hon. and I bet you were chuffed getting all those compliments.
Wabbit.. hey hope your well hon .
Hey Jess, sounds like you have a busy one ahead of you.. awww brownies.. I used to do that.. enjoy going out for tea...

Well I have had a pretty good few days.. I was scared of doing my week of eating . and so far its been fine.. the first 2 days I had some cottage cheese and cucumber and yesterday was at my parents and I had some chicken and veg.. and I did really enjoy it.. so its not been to bad.. It hasnt made me want to eat at other times I know I am eating in the evening and thats it.. I havent felt weird either..

Anyway off to take the boys to footie soon.. we may go somewhere for dinner tonight but not sure how I feel about it yet.. I guess I could just have some chicken and veg or fish and veg.. then we are going to go to a party.. Im quite looking forward to dressing up and feeling nice..

Im off as Im babbling have a fab day everyone !!!x
Curly well done for resisting all other food with you introducing a meal. It can get really scary and possibility of falling off the wagon at this point is high but you have done it and stayed 100% well done Im proud of you!
enjoy looking fab tonight at the party and hope you dont get too wet in footie xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Aww thanks Jess... the footie is inside its just them learning really they are only 2 and 3 they spend alot of time lying around on the floor mucking about lol xxxx


Slimming down the aisle
Morning everyone! Today's going to be a rough day possibly, but I'm trying to start out with a positive attitude and hopefully it'll be ok! I'm working all weekend, which are pretty long shifts from 9-30/10.30-7.30 with a half an hour break, so I'm shattered by the end of it! Though I don't know what time I'm meant to be working today as I wasn't there last week to see the rota and tried calling yesterday but no answer from any of the departments who could tell me! So might mean by the time I get through to someone and get in there I'll be late, but hopefully not!!

My job is quite hard in terms of this diet really. I work at a Safari Park... which I love!! I just hate my actual job. I work in the Pizza dept which means we're there the earliest and finish the latest :( But more than that, it's being surrounded by the pizza, fries, chicken, sausage rolls, pasties, cookies, doughnuts, fudge and pick and mix!!! Even just listing them makes me want them!

Because it's a long day I find it really hard getting all my water in, but will do my very best! Makes for a long day foodwise too as I'll get home between 8 and 8.30 and then have to try and fit in two shakes which means just gulping down the 4th even though I'm not hungry usually!

Well I hope you all have a great day, I'll probably be lurking for a little bit longer depending on when I manage to get through!

Morning my loser friends, LOL
Hope evryone is keeping busy for the weekend. Keeping 100%!!. Got on the treadmill last night. hurt myself somehow, but will be ok later. Managed my 1/2 hour so im happy with that. Taking little un to b-day party and cinema. LOTS of housework to do and study study for mondays test..... My official weight today is 13st and 13.5 lbs:banana dancer:...OK, Im only half pound into the 13's but Im well happy!!! Lost 3.5 lbs this week(official) and my totm is due in 3 days!(I always used to gain 4-5 lbs the week before but on CD it doesnt happen). FAB!

Glad to hear everything is going well for you this week curly. Its only 7 days and Im sure it is scary, but you are determined and doing sooo well. Keep up the good work. enjoy the restaurant, relax,...but Be strong, we need you here.

gotta go and get ready for the day. OOCH, my ribs hurt from exercise
Morning all, I have been adding a meal a day since Wednesday too, and I am one of those people who weigh each morning, and I have been losing .2 of a lb and then putting it on for 4 days now, so haven't lost anything at all since starting eating... I am following it to the letter though. I also started 15 minutes a day on my cross trainer and wondered if this was stopping me losing weight, I have now decided to stop the meals as they obviously are not helping.... Have a good day everyone...

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Goodmorning all,

I'm so happy it's the weekend.........get to do fun things yay!!

Unofficially (but officially enough to me as my scales are bang on) today, day 27, I've lost my first stone. I'm so thrilled with this as I'm still loving CD810 so I'm a happy bunny today.

Have a great day everyone with all that you're doing. For me it's shopping (and thanks to you Caroline, probably getting a bra fiting done :0) ) and Thorpe Park on monday for my Birthday.....feel like being a big kid and screaming lots instead of my usual dinner at favourite restaurant type birthday.

Quote from me which i love - if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got.

Have a good day xxx


well done all you losers!

Hubby and me just back from first CDC appt (for him) and thats him started now.

We were supposed to be going to the cinema, but last night we had some lovin' and I didn't make the usualy toilet trip afterwards. Result? I now have a raging UTI.

So home, sitting on a hotwater bottle and drinking more to try and flush. Hopefully its more of urethral irritation than a full blown bacterial one, or its a phone call to NHS 24 tomorrow for antibiotics. So not what I need right now.
Morning all!

4 weeks in and I have lost 26lb :eek: which I am chuffed about. I'm thinking that the weightloss is about to slow down dramatically now.

No loving for me as I am still having TOTM (15days now) :(

Hope you all have a brilliant 100%


Skinny girl in a fat body
I find weekends difficult water wise. Its 12.30 and I had none yet, if I was at work I would have downed 2.5 litres by now.

Its going to be hard for me anyway becasue I have decided not to have any mousse (which I adore and which has kept me going), or any bars this week (Wed - Wed) to see if that improves my weight loss. I'll try anything which is a shame becasue I feel I am depriving myself enough and now not being allowed a mousse or a bar!!!! Good luck to all this weekend.


Silver Member
Awww Mia hun. At least if you're losses improve, the whole diet will be over quicker, meaning less time feeling deprived. Keep strong hun, you are doing amazingly!
Morning all! Hope everyones having a cheat free Saturday.

I spent the morning watching Rihanna live in concert on tv which gave me motivation to stay 100% today. Though Im going to a do tonight where there will be a buffet... i have to admit I dont feel as strong as I did the first time I did SS, so hopefully willpower will find me tonight!

Also, as a daily weigher Im pleased to announce that the scales showed a lost of 9.2lbs since I started SS again on Tuesday - which means Ive lost my holiday weight and a little bit more! Yippeee!

Sarah - I found when I was on holiday and ate I got the most awful heartburn and indegestion for 3 days, which no amount of gaviscon could cure :s

Curly - have a great evening at your party :)

Caroline - I really dont know how you stick to this diet being surrounded by all that yummy food! I think thats why I failed dieting for several years when I worked in restaurants - too much temptation surrounding me!!

Green Eyes - I was the same, I barely lost anything when I moved up to SS+ and 810, which is why I have decided to stay on SS till goal(even though im not supposed to) and then work my way up the steps to keep the weight off and maintain rather than try and lose any more additional weight with them!



Loving losing
Just popping in again while my fingers are wanting to wander into packets of things they shouldn't!!

So far so good this morning, been downing the water to counteract the indigestion!!! Much better now and just want to be good today which I will be.

Wish me luck as i go and trawl thro my son's (16) bedroom to find school books to return to school - who knows what else i may find?! It just won't happen if i ask him to do it! Still, it will keep me busy too.

Sounds a good birthday Lisa!!

Laters, my not-so porky people!!

Also, as a daily weigher Im pleased to announce that the scales showed a lost of 9.2lbs since I started SS again on Tuesday - which means Ive lost my holiday weight and a little bit more! Yippeee!

Great news!!! hoped it would happen like that for you - I think it does if you are SSing for a while the just have 1-2wks off and then get back on SS it does just drop right back off cos its not real weight.

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