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So undecided........

I'm twenty five years old soon to be twenty six and I have always been big.

I have tried diets in the past however I need to lose roughly six stone as such I start and lose a bit of weight and the motivation goes.

I have gone to the doctors regarding my weight because I am increasingly concerned about my weight.

I really want to lose the weight I'm sick of talking about it I just want to do.....

I don't know what diet to follow, Lighter Life or Weight Watchers could anyone give some advice please:eek:
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You really need to try and find a diet that works for you.

I have tried both cambridge and I am now doing weight watchers.

I am so sorry that this is a bit of a non answer, but different diets work for different people. You need to look into the different diets out there and see what one you think will suit your lifestyle and what one you think you can stick to :)

I did lose weight on cambridge but had to stop because of health reasons, however, I was miserable doing it.

I am quite a social person and like to be out with my friends even if it is just having a cola. That just wasn't possible on cambridge. Whereas WW lets me have that flexability.
Theyre so different its hard to say. Can you cope with the abstinence required for LL? Its a much quicker weight loss but its hard work.

WW on the other hand is much slower but you can have a 'normal life' doing it. You can socialise no problem and eat what you want within your points. I love that WW has totally re-educated me with both what I eat and how I look at food.

Best of luck whatever you decide x
Hi Louisa firstly well-done for finding the site – I had never even heard of it when I started dieting. As you can see there are so many different diets that people are following on here and they all seem to work for some people. It’s like Mhairi says it’s what suits you.

I have never dieted but over the years I just started ballooning despite going to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week….something to do with turning 40….or was it 30……..or even 20!!!

Intially I did the Atkins diet which was great I lost about 3 stone fairly easily in 6 months but I still over ate. Eventually I stopped because I just love fruit and yoghurts. Last year I did the Cambridge diet (sole source) and lost nearly 2 stone in 3 months but it was hard work and what ever way you look not eating ain’t normal!! I did eventually start adding food in again. On the plus side the Cambridge diet taught me that I do not need to over eat to live and started changing my mind set about only needing to eat to live an NOT living to eat.

At the moment I’m doing Slim fast because it’s cheaper that the Cambridge (lots of offers on at the moment) and it is keeping my head in the right space so that I only eat what I really need to.

Good luck with what ever you choose.

Aislinn x
I am not sure diet after diet works. If like me you have lost weight before and have put it back on then maybe its time for a change of tack. I am trying to go down the route of healthy eating and exercising so maybe you could try that. From what I have read about doing it this way it should help keep the weight off once you reach your target.
Good luck whatever road you go down
Hi Louisa

Looks like you've decided on WW. Good luck.
You'll get lots of support on Minimins.

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