so upset and such a faliure

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  1. lilginge

    lilginge Member

    :(so today(this eve)ive messed up big time,in the last 3 weeks ive been on weight matters and have been good,i first weighed 16stone7 and am now 14stone 8 alls been going well although its been hard ive been so determined, but today ive felt so very down,and yep ive gone and gorged on curry, rice ,crisp and birthday cake i feel so sad and have let myself and my babies down so much,im crying now how sad is that!:tear_drop:what am i going to do,i know im goin straight back to ss tomorro,but will i have regained all my weight!am i now doomed,im such a faliure,sorry everyone for going on,i feel so sad:tear_drop:xxxx
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  3. Starlight

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    Youre not a failure! Youve lost almost 2 stones in 3 weeks??? :eek:

    Ok, tonight youve had a bad week & the chances are it will affect your losses this week but its not going to put back all the weight youve lost. Dont let tonights blip ruin all your hard work. Whats done now is done & theres no point in beating yourself up *HUGS* What you need to do is draw a line under it and get back on track tomorrow.

    Do you know what triggered things tonight???

    The most important thing is DONT GIVE UP!!!
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  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    you are going to get straight back on track !!!

    no more food....lots and lots of water...and a huge line under all that curry and [email protected] you've consumed !!!

    2 stone in 3 weeks is absolutely FABULOUS !!! WELL DONE YOU :D:D

    please please please don't stop now....stick with it hun !!

    the results are sooooo worth it......

    looking forward to sharing your success !!!


    Debz xx
  5. lilginge

    lilginge Member

    i think its because my sons not too well,hes 23months and not a well little boy,although you wouldnt know by lookin at him,he suffers from polycystic kidneys(he only has one now)reflux and hypertension,when hes not well my 10month old daughter gets upset too,bless them,i love them dearly but sometimes its very stressful,im very close to my mum but she goin through a long fight with stomache cancer at the mo so i think its all just gettin to me xxxim bein silly really xxx
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  6. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    hey.....sounds like ur havin a tough tough time at the minute...:( no wonder it's all getting to you.....

    BUT - you will be much more able to deal with ALL of this if you feel happier in yourself....and, if that means getting some weight off, then you are so doin the right thing !!

    you have so many reasons to lose your weight - your little ones, your mum - YOU - be kind to yourself.....and do this for you !! cos you deserve it ......:)

    take care hun......hugs......

    Debz xx
  7. spannerpan

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  8. Flabbyfay

    Flabbyfay Silver Member

    Aww hun it sounds like you're having a really hard time at the mo :( I'm sure you'll get back on track. That's a totally fab weight loss and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Well done!!!!!!!
  9. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    You are doing incredibly well and we all have times when we might go off the boil. it's happened now (and you had very good reasons for having an off day) and you need to try and forget about it and think of tomorrow as a new day. Irene xx
  10. lilginge

    lilginge Member

    thanks for listening everyone,it means alot xxx
  11. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    stick with're doin great !!!

    Debz x
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