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So upset- was shouted a nasty name from a passing car


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I'm feel like crying some guy in passing car shouted 'Oi fat *****' when I doing my walk for exercise. I've lost almost 2 and half stone but now feel like I haven't got anywhere I'm obviously still horribly fat. I've had a really rough few weeks been very ill and in hospital for a serious suicide attempt, I really didn't need this today. I went on a walk to feel better and get out after being in tears all after afternoon from flashbacks.
I was so ready to get back in game this week and give it my all but now I just feel like there's no point. :cry::cry: What's the point if don't look or even feel any better about the way I look.
I'm sorry if this sounds like a sob story I just don't need anymore knock backs right now. I just needed to ramble :cry:
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awwww big hugs you have done brilliant so far dont give up,you should have stuck 2 fingers up and walked off with head held high and think ill show them i can do it
i once got asked if i was pregnant and i felt like you you need to look at how well you have done and what you want to acheive good luck hun xx
Firstly she's a stupid, ignorant, probably illiterate, cheap slapper of no consequence!

You, however are a brave woman, overcoming obstacles and taking control, and not subject to childish name calling to make yourself feel superior.

Oh and I was driving my car round a corner the other day, guy waiting at the lights called me a "fat C***"
I was upset too until I realised that he's a sad sicko if that's how he gets his jollies!

Hahaha! I just realised I was name calling too!!!! What a hypocrite I am!
forget what they say its how you feel that matters and you must feel good about losing 2.5 stone! some people are just idiots, i would have shouted something back but i am a bit thick skinned and a bit hard. keep walking with your head held high, some sick people find happiness in others insecurities and would have been so annoyed to see that you werent bothered. hope you feel better soon and im sure everyone will agree that you can ramble and chat to people here anytime xx
He`s a w*nka darl ... plain and simple ... he`s probably got a small man stick and so makes himself feel better by putting people down ... you can smile to yourself babe, coz that weight is going to melt away and you`ll be walking down the road holding your head up high and smiling ... and he`ll still be a pretentious c*ck with a small un ;) !!!!

Don`t you dare let him get to you ... you`re beautiful !!!!

I know Lady Gaga isn`t everyones cup of tea ...... But i have to say to say this song is very, very, well written ... more people need to be happy in their own skin, and be happy with who they are, not what society expects them to be .... :


"There`s nothing wrong with loving who you are, she said ... coz he made you perfectly"


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It's so sad that people can be so irresponsible with words, not considering how a throwaway comment can affect a person :( I can only echo what others have said - DO NOT forget what you have already achieved and what you WILL go on to achieve, and don't let some stupid worthless idiot make you want to give up.

It hurts so much to have someone make you feel that way - I'm sure we've all been there at one point or another :( but get your head back in the game this week, and when you next step on the scales minus a few more pounds, remember you are worth a billion of that idiotic little man!!!



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What an absolute mindless tool....what the hell is wrong with people. This makes me so angry hon. You do not deserve that at all.

I know it's easier said than done, but try to forget it. You are so much better than that. That was one passing comment that might stay with you, but look at the 2.5 stone that you've managed to shake off. Focus on that and don't let waste of spaces like that get to you.

We've all got your back and don't worry about rambling. It's what we're all here for xxx


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Oh hun - you have lost 2 1/2 stone you should be so pleased with that.

Unfortunately, there are some people who seem to make it their business to make others unhappy. Please don't give it any more time than you already have - it really is not worth it.

You have so much to offer and are doing so well don't let one ignorant comment ruin everything.

Turn that moronic remark into a positive, turn the hurt you felt into determination, don't for one moment think of giving up, you would soon feel even more cross with yourself for allowing some doofus to send you spiraling backward, have the last laugh when you go to your next weigh in and remember for every ignorant idiot that means nothing to you and your life journey, there are lots of caring, understanding and supportive people on here to get you through the dark times.
Keep calm and carry on hun. x :)
what an absolute K**b!!!! you should feel so proud of yourself that you have taken control of your life and are doing something to improve ur weight/health. People like that are sad and pathetic and its quite sad that there life is that miserable they feel the need 2 make everyone feel as low as they do. Hold your head high in the knowledge that you are doing something about your weight where as they will always be low life scum! Chin up and carry on your good work. 2 n half stone is a fantastic achievement and dont let people make you feel any different :) x


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Please please please ignore what this ignorant foolish person said. They don't know you or anything about you. It's not personal, it's just some idiot who was in the mindset where they wanted to hurt someone's feelings to make themselves feel good. Some people are just that way, they won't change- but you are changing, you have lost 2.5 st, you are getting closer to target with every pound you lose.


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How fantastic that you have lost weight and that you are out walking, improving your health - you want to change the way you were in the past and move forward to a better future. Why should anyone stop you.... you deserve the very best that you can be. Who cares what others think, you are the most important person, the one that is making positive steps.
Believe in you, they way you are changing... it's fabulous!
what an absolute tool. The facts are that you chose to get out in the fresh air and get a bit of exercise to make yourself feel good and he chose to shout insults at a complete stranger from the safety of a moving vehicle to make himself feel good. Which one of you is the healthier and more succesful person? You can only feel sorry for people whose lives are so unfulfilled that they get a kick out of mindless abuse. DO NOT let him win by allowing this to be anything other than a momentary annoyance. You did the right thing by coming on here to share and get support and your 2.5 stone loss is amazing! xxx
People are so stupid sometimes! Why they think they need to pass comment!
my daughter who is a size 10/12 had some lad shout at her and another girl who was walking down the road at the same time but not together as he went past on his bike "2 fat arses!" I mean wtf?
I can still remember horrible comments that people said to me over the years its hard not to let it affect you but try your best to stay in control and on plan and keep up the exercise too because you are worth it they are not! xxx
I'm so sorry this utter moron hurt your feelings. Remember, he is one ignorant loser and bears no importance in your life. You know how well you have done and the battles you are fighting. Cling onto the knowledge of what you have achieved and let this outweigh the opinion of a complete nobody who knows absolutely nothing. Hopefully one day he'll deliver one of his thoughtless comments to someone who will turn round and break his nose, and maybe that will make him think twice.


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Forget them, I know it's easier said than done. But look what you're doing, you've already lost 2.5 stone, you're going out for exercise. He probably doesn't even exercise tootling around in his car. Probably doesn't have many friends if that's his attitude.

Don't ever ever let these people get to you, I like to exercise a vituperative tongue sometimes. Then again, I love to upset nasty people by being overly nice.

It's silly how people can make judgements when they don't even know those that they're judging.

Stick at it m'dear, you have the lovely ladies and gents on Minimins with you all the way :)
There isn't alot I can say now as I think everyone has said it!

But... (cause poppylops always has something to say) is look! Look at your responses to this thread! One silly man and how many comments in response to that? It shows you that you are not alone and you are supported! You have achieved alot already and will achieve more!

So chin up my deary! Look to the positives now!! Xx
I have been in your shoes! I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Just remember you will not be this way forever and that that person is a f'n jerk, and has no sense of struggle that you have. You have loads of support here.

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