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so upset

Hello again everyone
I was buzzing around the LT forum for a while and tried it for a few days before giving up having not been able to handle the side effects.

Since then I've tried WW and lost 2lbs. Some people might be happy with that, I'm not. Added to things I saw my father in law for the first time in months tonight...this might sound funny but it really wasn't and I can honestly say it took all my self control not to burst into tears...he has a 'new name' for me which is hippo hips. I can't handle being this size anymore. I'm exercising regularly and it's not making a difference yet I carry most of my weight around my tummy, hips and thighs and I can understand why I might get called a name like that, doesn't make it any easier to handle though.

I'm going back on LT. I can't stick the thought of only losing small amounts here and there, I might go back to WW when I get the bulk of my weight lost but for now I need to move this bulk, I haven't ever been so unhappy in my entire life.

The one question I have (and I'm sorry for running backwards and forwards wanting LT then not etc) is when I get into the LT properly is the weight likely to come off in places where I'm not overly concerned about it like lower arms etc, I know we can't be selective about where it goes but just as a general rule of thumb would the fattier parts be attacked first

Thanks in advance...a very unhappy hippo :(
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Hey there

Fingers to your father-in-law (that's what I say!) The cruelest thing anyone can do is make a remark (whether intentionally to be funny or not) at something that is quite personal to people (eg weight, height etc). I know it may not seem much, but fuel this anger, frustration, hurt and humiliation into something more positive- the motivation to lose the weight and have a "I'll show 'em" attitude.

Whether you decide to lose the weight with LT or WW do whatever YOU feel is more suited to you and no matter what plan you go on, you will have the exceptional support from here.

Now dont fret- and go and show them what you can do when you put your mind to it, in the end you will get the last laugh! ;)



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Sounds like my ex Father in law. Uggh I can't stand people like that. No matter how "well intentioned" they are.

I had just given birth and he said I still looked 9 months pregnant. Nice!!

Don't listen to him! You don't deserve to be called any names other than gorgeous, wonderful, and strong! Have no doubt it is hard being big. But you can lose this weight. 2lbs a week wouldn't do me before but now that I have shifted over 50lbs 2lbs a week is a loss I think I would finally be happy with. I now know the value of a lb but that is easier to look at it that way when I now have 2 and a bit stone to lose rather than 6 stone.

Believe me if I can do it anyone can!! I could fill a bookshop with the amount of excuses Ive used in the past to either not diet or talk myself into a piece of this or a piece of that.

This is the first time I feel I want to get to my normal weight. Whenever I have done a diet before I lose 1 to 2 stone and think Im invincible high on the compliments of "havent you lost weight" etc but I recognise that in me now so I can only use that to keep me focused.

Good Luck with whatever journey you take. But don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do this. You can. It is hard, but the results feel better than any food drink or drug could make you feel!!! xxxxxxx


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Ok first of all your FIL is an Ar*sehole! Sorry but there is no need for any kind of comments, it makes me so mad!!

Why did you give up on LT, was it just the side effects? The reason i ask is LT is a very severe diet and it's bloody hard so don't be too hard on yourself.

I lost over 4st with LT first time round, i put 2 and half back on over a yr and then tried for a 2nd time on LT after xmas 2009, i only managed 4 weeks and had to look at other diets as i knew i was going to give up.
Someone who has been extremely successful on LT suggested to me to look at CD as there are lots of different plans and you still lose more than ww/sw etc but on the right plan it isn't as hard as LT.
Anyway please don't let the comment get to you too much and as said channel the energy and put it to good use.
If you want to know anymore about CD please just PM me and i will go through it with you no problem!
Take care hun xx


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generally the places your weight went on last is the place you will lose it first, and the places you put it on first you will lose it last, for example i put weight on my upper arms and face lat and this is where i am losing it! and the first place i put weight on is my bum and thighs so it might take a bit longer to notice the loss here! everyone keeps saying to me " you have lost it in your face!" and i don`t want to lose in my face LOL! but this is where it always comes off first. it dosn`t matter which diet you do you can`t choose where the weight comes off first! x(unfortunately!)
sorry i dont know how to use this site propally if you read this stinkybreath would you mind telling me what the cd deit is well done on your weight loss


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sorry i dont know how to use this site propally if you read this stinkybreath would you mind telling me what the cd deit is well done on your weight loss
Hi Brandon,

CD stands for the Cambridge Diet which is similar to the Lipotrim Diet, so instead of going to your Pharmacy you go to a counsellor who will monitor your weekly weight loss and advise you as you go along.

Also, the Cambridge Diet has a big selection of different flavours and bars and also has different plans you can do from TFR to 1,200 calories...

They have changed the name of their diet to the Cambridge Weight Loss Plan but it is taking us sometime to get use to the new name.

The link below will help you make your way around.


If you need any help please ask.


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Thats an awful comment, but see how you are on LT there are other diets out there that also have good results, like CD and exante, so if you dont do so well on LT shop around, good luck.


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
Brandon hi and welcome, Mini explained it all to you there, hope that helped!
thanks everyone for the lovely messages, I have been reading up a lot on the CD and found a counsellor, the only thing is the nearest one is about 30 miles away and she's not back until nearly the end of April, was thinking about cutting down on carbs etc before then like a preparation for it

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