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so what are the muffins really like?



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I can't make the muffin/stuffing

End up like mush...very strange mush.....

I'm rubbish!!!:D

I'm sure its worth a shot though!!

maybe just do a half one to try out? then if you don't like it, or end up like me...you still have a nice half left?



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you need a tefal baking sheet (the one like black paper, think i got mine in sainsburys) mix half a pack with a small small amount of water and a crushed sweetner if you want. mix it into a thick paste, blob it onto the tefal paper and put on high in the microwave for about 1min. perfect cookie.
Muffins are yummy!

Be careful not to overcook as can go a little dry. I make mine so they are a little bit soggy in the middle and have with a black coffee. If you close your eyes you could be in Starbucks! :rolleyes: :giggle:


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Never get the same result when I make the muffin's, I think each pack takes different amounts of water,jut cant get it right.
Tried making a muffin in the oven,ohhhhhh yuk.
Dont fancy the stuffing much, but might give it ago as I perfer savoury foods.
I llloooovvvvvvveeeeeeee making muffins! But you have to keep trying to get it right and once you have it sussed, it's perfect everytime!

Although I did try strawberry the other day...not so good! Smelt like sick! (sorry those with a weak stomach!)



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well i just tried a toffee walnut muffin, was ok. made the mixture a bit stiffer than for cookies, and put it in a bowl in the mircowave. think it was over done a bit, but was ok.


Is it nearly October yet?
The muffins are nice as it feels like your eating something.:D I make mine with half a choc pack and half a vanilla pack to use as a sauce, kinda like cream if you use your imagination. LOL


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I can recommend the muffins, very tasty.:D
I have tried crisps, but mine were a failure.:sigh:


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...in a word - minging!

Sorry, I know loads of people love them..but I find when you 'cook' with cd packs you end up with salty errgh! Maybe I have sensitive taste buds!

I can't drink the shakes - tried it once and no more! So everythig apart from the soups are all-muffined-up!!

In truth they would never pass for real muffins - more like hot mousse - but they are easier to take that those awful lumpy cold drinks.

Have a go and see. I'm told anymore than a minute in the microwave and you risk damaging the vitamins so they need to be watched carefully.

I'm planning to have one soon - can't wait (not!)

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