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So what exercise do you all do then?


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I go to the gym and usually vary it with workouts and classes eg legs, bums and tums, spinning and body pump. I've heard there's a new Zumba class starting there soon too, which I really can't wait to try!
pump is so good, i love it! :D
i only do that once a week though
I go to Curves and do their circuit - try to go three times a week...

I also go to another gym and take their classes - been doing yoga and water aerobics - also classes such as body conditioning, step, pilates etc.

In the new year (this month even) Curves is hoping to offer sessions which combine the Curves cuircuit with Zumba.... I'm a little apprehensive as I have no cordination or rhythm but I'll give it a go.... might be fun!

By far the most exercise I do is walking with Pickle (my dog). She needs over an hours walking a day so I use a pedometer and get my steps in there.

Be good to hear what everyone else does for exercise...

Judith & Pickle


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gina_b, I do pump once a week too. It's hard work isn't it!

Judith - that's a good combination you do. Give Zumba a go, it looks so much fun. Don't worry if you don't have rhythm, think of the calories you'll burn!

I was given a mini stepper for Xmas so am going to incorporate that into my weekly exercise routine too.


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very hard, i want to move up a weight but how can i get 13kg?! i cant lift 14 yet, and 12 is getting easy...


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GINA, can you have two different bars set up or change them over part way through? Perhaps start on 14 and then drop it back to 12 after 15 mins?

Hi all, I have a home gym now (as of 4 months ago). Prior to this i use to go to a gym for years. i do miss the treadmill and jogging but we dont have room for it at home, just a bike. So I am aiming for 25 mins in the gym and 20 mins of cycling a day (sometimes 20 at night also if I can). Also hubby and I alternate walking out dog each day for 1 hour. I am looking at getting back into a yoga class once a week, if I can afford it.

Ela ine

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I love Zumba!
I also do body jam and body attack, and I am addicted! Xx


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maybe a 14 for the clean and presses would work, i remember when i first started i was on 5kg for them! building up some nice biceps now too ^_^

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