So what's everyone having for lunch?


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think it will be baked pots for me and my wee girl, think i will have tuns, not had any for ages and beans for eilidh x


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Im having Sushi for lunch today.

You can cook what ever you like hun, take a browse in the recipe section, something might catch your eye in there.


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I had jacket potato. Scraped the inside out and then mixed it with a small tin of red salmon.


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Mini quiche and 4 baby spuds with salad - maybe too much for lunch but I'll have a smaller dinner!


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Sounds great guys! I'm leaning towards a jacket potato as well.... Mmmmm :D


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I had a ham salad, maybe not to adventurous for cooking at home but it was tasty never the less!!!

Maybe a omlette or something?



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Oh yes, jackets are nice and hearty :)

I am having home-made tomato soup today. Made it last night and brought it to work. I like making a soup when I've got a bit of time at home. I love chucking superfree stuff in there and coming out with something tasty and filling.

Enjoy your lunch.


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I ate my lunch almost two hours ago lol. I had bacon, mushrooms, a fried slice (!!!!!!), baked beans and chopped tomato.


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Ive just eaten wholemeal pitta bread, bacon with lettuce tomato and bit of mayo was blooming lovely


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well i start work at 2.45 so ive had a stir fry and im taking a mug shot and mullar for tea x


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I had baked pots....

I scooped out the potato, mixed it with broccoli and laughing cow....then put it back in the skin

yummmmm :p