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so whats going to be the best way to maintain


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so whats going to be the best way to maintain... this is where i find it hard... ill be at goal within the next 14 days.. hopefully sooner! i need to have a think on how im going to move up my calories and things... i want to be healthy but not have chicken salad for every meal for the rest of my life!! want to eat healthy carbs but not go over the 60g to start with!

has anyone maintained on weight watchers? or will everything bounce back on? hm
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I have a long way to go before goal but, in my head, this is how I have thought about maintaining;

- for the first three months, work out a calorie level suitable for me (use something online to do the calcs)
- during that period, weigh everything so it's right and you can get used to the portion sizes
- use the scales as your test to see if it's working
- exercise!


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i need to learn how to have my favourite foods in moderation, without it leading to a binge... and its not all bad stuff... i love no added sugar alpen, and id love to have a small bowl every day and stop at that... but i end up having the entire box and then eat every single chocolate thing in sight! so im going to have to learn a lot!!


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I think I'd try the working solution for a week or two, to introduce some food and see what happens. Then, if everything is fine with my body, I'd go for simple solution for a while again and try to add up more food gradually, checking if I don't put on weight. After a week or two, again, ss but just one pack and two meals and so on.
I think this is a save way to go back to normal food (but not back to old habits :D ).
Exercise. Had to put it out there.


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Rebirth_Lozza said:
Exercise. Had to put it out there.
Me too!

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Get shredding ;):p
I plan to use 'my fitness pal' to calorie count. So when i get to goal i'll gradually up my calories, ie 800 then 1000 til im eventually at around 1400. The thought of losing weight and putting it all back on terrifies me lol x


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babystar31 said:
The thought of losing weight and putting it all back on terrifies me lol x
Oh yeah me too. Just thinking how big I was keeps me away from junk. I calorie count everything that my son and OH have at the moment?. Was kinda shocked how many calories some "healthy" foods have.

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Low carb/cal counting for me. I'd love to say exercise but I'm naturally lazy lol. Oh and definitely wean off packs slowly.


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Simple : Burn more calories than you take in.

Generally be more active than you used to be, don't snack.

Eat 3 square meals a day and treat yourself once a week.

That's my plan anyway
I would def say calorie counting and exercise would be what I was going to try :) My fitness pal is great for the calorie counting you can use the website and/or phone app
I expect I will try 5 strict days, 1 "normal" day and a "treat" day once have worked out how many cals I can eat without gaining :)

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