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So what's motivating you.....?


really trying again!
Hi everyone, thought I'd start a thread to see what is everyone's motivation is or what keeps us sticking to the plan every day!

For me it's having a picture taken in a bikini on the beach in Jamaica for my hubbie's surprise holiiday later this year! I always shy away from having pics taken but am determined to have me a bikini shot to be proud of this year! :gen157:
Obviously coming on here is a great motivation too!

What's yours?
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.....................my motivation is a lifetime of not feeling good enough because of my size and I don't want to feel like that for whats left of the rest of it. Life is too short to not feel worthy for the sake of something that I can change!!!!!!!


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My son, not wanting to delete all the pictures of us together and returning to work.
ive done diets on and off for the past 8 years and each child more and more weight added on but this year ive finally got my arse in gear we re due to go on holiday in may it ll kind of be my honeymoon even thought we ve been married 3 years and family holiday to take my lil boy to see the family well he has to sit on my knee on the plane and i dredding that i wont fit or he ll have no room ect ect im also going with my size 8 friend and 2 sisters sizes 10 12 :( so there my motivation the this year ill be able to get a photo done with hubby and kids and put it on the wall not hide it so roll off me weight i cant wait


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My daughter - I want to have some pictures of us together in these first few years without being horrified when I look at them! As my sister pointed out to me, I will never get this time back and want to look back on it without so much shame of what a mess I have let myself become.


Skinny girl in a fat body
My holidays are always my motivation. My problem is that when I come home from my holidays I pile the weight back on again :( This is the 3rd or 4th successful time I have done VLCD's - not to mention the unsuccessful times).


really trying again!
Great incentives ladies- some even made me a bit teary this morning. We're all in this together and we'll all be looking even more fantastic in a very short while.......keep them coming!


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I have a newborn daughter and hate having my photo taken with her as I am so overweight. A wedding in Sept where my OH will be Usher. I want to look good next to him. Holiday on 8th July for a long weekend. I want to feel okay in a swimsuit and summery clothes!


I can haz cake?
I want to be able to walk into normal clothes shops and not worry about getting a size. 1st step is getting into shops like primark, m&s, next etc (that do bigger sizes). I think the choice may frighten me because i'm used to hiding out in Evans and at the back of the NL store haha :D

Being able to throw out my 3XL gym shirts!!!! Even a large would be ok! haha xx
I would like to not be the fat mummy at the school gates - to feel excited about what to wear for social events rather than worry what I can squeeze into -and to begin a 2nd pregnancy at a healthier weight than I've ended up at after number 1 -I'd like to have balanced relationship with food and demonstrate healthy eating to kids - I'd like to feel confident and attractive (dare I say sexy) again- I'd like to be 'normal' and buy clothes I like rather than just those I can fit in and look ok - I'dlike not to have to buy ugly huge bra's - the list is endless - but is something I should look at whenver I feel deprived to remind myself what it's worth to me to sort this issue out -although i know for me losing is easy it's maintaining that's difficult - so this has to be for life - sorry for the rant - thanks for the threadx
Mine is being a bridesmaid at mums wedding nOctober. One of my sisters is a size 6 and the other is a 10 and I am a 20 who tries to squeeze into 18's.

As that's not til October, I have booked a holiday at the end of June which, if all goes to plan, should see me at my target of a healthy BMI.

I'm also the 'fat, funny, dark haired one' out of my group of friends and I'd quite like to be the 'funny, dark haired one'.

Good luck, girls...
Yeah couldn't agree with you more and also I have to wear big pants lol x as my stomach is so big and little pants just fall down on me. I call my pants S***T catchers. Also just to go into any shop and get my size instead of Evans all the time. Evans specials Arrrgh!!!!
My motivation is getting to a healthyn bmi before I start trying to conceive our first baby next year. I've got pcos and endometriosis so those combined with being 3 stone overweight could damage my chances! Also I want my unborn kids to have a healthy mum! :)
My motivation is getting to a healthyn bmi before I start trying to conceive our first baby next year. I've got pcos and endometriosis so those combined with being 3 stone overweight could damage my chances! Also I want my unborn kids to have a healthy mum! :)
thats a great reason really hope you get lil one why not just start trying now can take a while and u know what they say practice makes perfect xx lol:D


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I'm another who is trying to conceive. I'm 32 years old and I'm not getting any younger. Added to the fact that I'm vastly overweight and it's a recipe for disaster really. I grew up with my mum having an unhealthy relationship with food which I have certainly inherited. I really want to sort this out before my children are old enough to realise and potentially continue the cycle :(


Gotta Make A Change
1) What motivates me
lets see

* My brother *
* Holidays *
* work *
* ladies *
I've joined forces with a girl at work, and a friend of mine, and we chat/email on a daily basis, and that is what is keeping me motivated. Any time I want a piece of chocolate, or to go right off the rails, I contact one of them and they get me back on track. Even getting back into my prepregnancy clothes, or having a huge fat belly is not kicking me into action, how sad is that :-(

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