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  1. Naturally_Stush

    Naturally_Stush Well-Known Member

    I emailed my CDC yesterday...explaining that I had STS all week until yesterday morn when I gained 1/2 a pound. I also explained that I'd been sick all week so hadnt had all my shakes.

    She explained to me that I may have put my body in 'Starvation Mode', and how important water was.

    So yesterday I had all three shakes, and fish with salad.

    I drunk about 4litres of water, and guess what?

    I woke up this morn and I had lost 2lbs....WHOOPEE!

    My weigh in is now tomorrow, so I'll update u all then...(Fingerd Crossed).

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  3. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Brilliant news will keep everything crossed for you.

  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Well-Known Member

    thats great news, it goes to show how important it is to have all your shakes!

    becky x
  5. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Well-Known Member

    Well done :)
  6. Naturally_Stush

    Naturally_Stush Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone, but it would seem that im no longer in Ketosis??

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