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Sob Story


Guess who's back...?
Ok - not so much a sob story, but I'm taking pity on myself today because I feel cack.

Has anyone else had days where they feel empty, gassy, tight chested etc.... I just feel I can't get my breath properly (not in a scary serious way!) and it's making me feel a bit nauseous and weak... it's like I've not eaten for days and I've been shut in a small room with very little fresh air...

Anyway - we all have our down days on LL, and I'm trying to stay as positive as possible - but it's just rubbish when you want to feel great and your body isn't letting you!!

Oh fabulous - I've got a headache coming on now too... what with my sickiness, headache and the knee of an 80 year old - will someone just shoot me now??? :(

I'm sure I'll feel ace tomorrow - and don't expect hundreds (says she optimisically!) of strokes in response to this, cos I know it will pass - but have any of you felt like this often?? It's RUBBISH!

A x
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Hi yes we all get days like that and you feel it will never stop but it does and soon you will be feeling better. Not much I can say other than go with the flow, pamper yourself and cuddle up on the sofa and watch tv or read a book...your not alone chick...((hug))xx
Aww poor you!! Ive not had many days like this but when I do feel a bit fed up or poorly I have taken to having a hot bubble bath then sitting down in my jamies and cosy blanket on the couch and watching dvds with a hot choc and a bar! Its total comfort!

Hope your back to yourself tmrw


Fighting Demons....
Oh Anna, you poor bean, have a hug from me!:hug99:

Seriously, you need some "Anna Time". Go off and find a cosy spot at home, watch some stupid DVD (Welcome to the Jungle always does it for me but that's because I am in love with The Rock) get yourself a hot chocolate (made from LL pack obv) wack up the heating, throw on a blanket and feel better!

And then later on, hot bath. Hot soup. Go to bed with new mattress!

B x


Silver Member
Hi Anna,

Maybe you have winter blues too. I get it and its horrible. You know that there is nothing wrong but there is nothing right feeling.
Hang in the Chicka! I have been putting on and loosing the same 5lb for the last month which is getting to me.


Guess who's back...?
Thanks guys - I will be ok - I think it's probably to do with the fact I'm out tonight (again) visiting a friend - and all I want to do is curl up...

Aww, Tange - that must be such a nightmare for you - hang in there -you'll kick it into touch in no time.

Right - i'm going slack off early I think, and get home to my nice warm house.

Love to all xx


Guess who's back...?
Thanks guys - and for the hugs Andy... you squeeeze so hard - thought I felt a rib pop!! Feeling better now - just gulping down a hot banana and then off to sink into my lovely new mattress - can't wait! Na night all xx

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Sorry you felt a bit crappy today Anna,
I hope you feel better tomorrow & got a good nights sleep.:)
Hey Annaphylactic,

First of all big hugs :grouphugg:
Secondly, I completley understand about how u are/were feeling, I had that a few weeks back.
Hang on in there lady, your a really positive person and have given me great advice when I have been feeling a bit crap.
We all get days/weeks like this but the feelings pass, these damn hormones and stuff are all over the show!

Hope u had a great night sleep on ur new mattress and that you have woken feeling re-vitalised and slimmer and sexier than ever!
Have a great weekend



Guess who's back...?
Last straw!!!! I can't believe I wrote that!!! Ha ha ha - usually my innuendo-radar is tuned up and buzzing, but that one flew straight past me - doh!! Hahaha, gulping a hot banana... oh dear, lol.

Thank you everyone - had an AMAZING night's sleep - to the point that I completely slept through the vets appointment I had for my cat at 8.30am. Oops!! Taking him this afternoon instead - I'm such a bad owner.

Thanks StokieSlimmer - your message was really sweet :)

Ok - I'm off to gaze at myself in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am, hahaha - kidding, obviously... I'd crack myself up!! x


Guess who's back...?
Oh you lot! Stop it!! I know it shouldn't make me uncomfortable, but receiving strokes is still something I'm not that au fait with!! Haha... you are all too too kind, and I promise I will make a concerted effort to 'like myself' more over the weekend :D:D

(((HUGS))) to all of you... xxxxxxxx

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