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Sobbing like a baby.........

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Is any one else getting a day in the week where they are just sobbing?:cry:

I have had one each week the last couple of weeks, and I do not cry that easily.:mad:

Granted I am an emotional eater and I am learning alot psychologically. Friday night, I had a real 'I don't know if I can stick this out' moment and then sobbed for an hour in my hubby's arms, :cry:

And last night the same, always a Sunday is really hard for me and I go into a mini depression, last night as we turned off the lights to go to sleep I just started sobbing again, trying to be quiet because hubby needs sleep, but couldn't stop for 30 mins.

One good thing though after, I felt a great relief and slept like a baby too.

My theory is, because I am not eating I am having to face myself, my insecurities, my lack of belief, etc. :break_diet:
Normally I would bury these under some chocolate,:17729: but I can't so I am just having to feel it all, and it gets too much and then I just have to cry to let it all out.:sigh:

Interestingly though I felt really good after crying whereas I always feel crap after eating so this could be the new way of stay slim, the 'Cry Yourself Clean Plan.':rolleyes:
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Yes, I had exactly the same experience around my 3 - 4 week, and like you, I posted a very similar thread. I was relieved to see from other people's responses, I most certainly was not alone!
I found the first 4 weekends a challenge, it made me reaalise how much of my life revolved around food, eating when I was happy, sad, excited, angry....you get the picture!!
Maybe you have a point, by not eating it's forcing us to deal with our emotions in a different way...!
Stay strong, you are doing brillant, a stone in 3 weeks is fab.
Sending you big hugs.
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Lol I like the sound of a cry yourself clean plan:) and your not alone in this we all have these moments!! Last time I did lipotrim on my fouth week I was so angry all the time flying off the handle at the slightest thing on fouth week now of restart hope it doesn't happen again but I think your right about us being forced to face our insecurities and food demons may be a good thing too :)
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Thank you so much for that hun it has made my day :}


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Can totally empathise here. Its a very emotional time. I cannot beleive what I have learnt about myself by doing this. I really thought I'd hop on lose a few stone and ta dah! But I didn't expect the emotional purging that has come with it.

It has been an incredible insight to how much I depended on food to make me happy. Always thinking what to have for the next meal getting upset and resorting to food as a comfort. Its made me realise so much more about myself.

I think everyone needs a really good cry and a really good laugh every now and again. xxxx Lets hope the really good laughs end up outweighing (no pun intended!) the really good cry's!!
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Thank you for your post.....I, like you, am an emotional eater and though I haven't been particularly tearful, I have been very angry and feeling quite depressed at times. Just got back on LT after being away from it for over a week. I know those feelings will return. Group hug for us all then xxxxxxx
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Completely agree with you all. I've had some real downers and have come to realise how food has controlled me throughout my entire life. Let it out honey - I'm lovin my 'free time' at the mo! Long hot baths, reading books and just chilling instead of freting, worrying and eating rubbish. Keep strong lovely x x


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I seem to be like it each month. Now that I have lost a lot of weight my totm has returned on a very regular basis and so have all the symptoms of PMT including lots of sobbing, crying and weeping. I put it down to the hormones adjusting. So normally for a few days before being due I am too blubbing like a baby and usually at the stupidest of things too.
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you everyone, it is good to know we can all understand,
Anna x
I can totally empathise, Ive been on lipo for 11 days and its been some rollercoaster ride. For the first time Im not covering my feelings with food but actually facing up to them. Had a nap this afternoon after a tough day at work and just cried myself to sleep for an hour. Normally, Id have come home, not cried, and would have just eaten. It really has opened my eyes to the dependance I had on food which was making me overweight. Now, Im facing my feelings head on and that can only be a good thing. Incredibly hard though but I feel this is the only way to cure my overeating by stopping food for awhile. It is also making me face up to a lot of issues and how I need change in other areas of my life. Its worth it so that I can finally come to peace with myself. You are not alone, remember that and realise that faing your feelings is actually good longterm, by facing them you can now deal with them in a more constructive manner rather than turning to food. And REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE.
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It is amazing what we learn about ourselves on LT, I had a lightbulb moment this week, I have always been fixated on a weight I ha ve to get to a number that will make my world a perfect place, well for the first time this week I can hand on heart say I don't care about the number any more :} yay :} Another thing that had control of me. I am now focusing on having a healthy BMI and I will know when I am comfy and it will have nothing to do with a number :}

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