Sole Source and Sole Source + (Addition of Skimmed Milk)

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  1. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    You can still just do SS as always however to do this your CDC must write to the GP for information only as SS is below 600 cals these are the new rules.

    If you do not want your CDC to notify your GP you must then do the SS+ programmes either 4 shakes and 200ml skimmed milk or 3 shakes and 200 cal meal (similar to the AAM) this equates to 615 cals.

    You can however opt to do SS+ anyway as you may wish to have the skimmed milk or extra pack.

    You can also have three packs and skimmed milk, however, the GP would still need to be notified as this would fall under 600 cals. This is not a set programme please discuss with your individual CDC.

    Please note that carb sensitive people may find the addition of skimmed milk can slow weightloss and break ketosis.

    A VLCD (under 800 cals) can only be used for 12 weeks then on week 13 you have to move up to 810 which is a LCD.

    SS+ is still a VLCD.

    You can also now stay on SS for the 12 weeks continuously then add food in week 13 then continue for another 12 weeks or until BMI 25 is reach which is the point at which 810 has to be introduced.

    The foods for the SS+ are as listed in the New Pink and Blue booklet, these are however the same as those listed for AAM in the Old Pink and Blue booklet.
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  3. Diva2B

    Diva2B Striving to be good.....

    Cambridge [allegedly :o)]
    Thanks so much for this Linda.....
    Very informative, I had heard that changes were afoot so thanks for the clarification....

    Michelle x
  4. mmmwoah

    mmmwoah Member

    Hi Linda, I have just started on SS although i havent had a doctors certif signed as i have no medical problems. Im having 3 packs a day.

    What exactly can i eat/ drink? Can i have chicken breast and green salad and still stay in Katosis. I cant see much on the website in terms of what i can eat or drink and have no info

  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Have a look in the Cambridge book. If your CDC didn't give you one, ask for it.

    SS doesn't include conventional foods, but the other plans do :)
  6. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    mmmwoah Hiya you need to change the colour of your posts I cannot see them.
  7. swedie

    swedie Member

    Hi, I have just started add a meal, but have been having 2 shakes and small low carb meal with a vitamin pill after so am keeping it under 800 cals easily and am losing weight is this ok, i feel fine.
  8. swedie

    swedie Member

    by the way does the new porridge have the same cals? can you have 2 a day?!
  9. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    2 packs, a low carb meal and a vitamin pill although still 800 cals does not have the same nutrition as three packs and a small meal from the allowable foods listed in the CD booklet.

    It isn't just about calories and carbs it is about balanced safe nutrition.

    You can have porridge for any of your meals.

    Although you feel okay in the longterm your health could be affected you are not following a CD programme at all at the moment.
  10. Fizzy

    Fizzy Silver Member

    Can anyone tell me what is the acceptable dairy free alternative to the skimmed milk
  11. swedie

    swedie Member

    i can see your point and I know what youre saying to be right, but i only really like the bars dont know about the porridge think am getting some today. will try to up it to 3 and see what happens to my weight, am just incapable of not having milk in my tea and i love tea!!
  12. swedie

    swedie Member

    How many cals in the bars, can i have 2 a day?
  13. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    You can have skimmed milk in your tea if you follow SS+ 4 a day plus 200 ml milk or as said above 3 a day plus a couple of cups of tea with skimmed should be okay, however, this is not a set CD programme and is below 615 cals so GP should be informed under the CD rules.

    One bar and 2 porridge would be fine.
  14. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Low cal soya milk check the labels first though.
  15. Fizzy

    Fizzy Silver Member

    Whats classed as low cal? I usually have sweetened so guessing changing to unsweetened would be better.
  16. Davinababe

    Davinababe Full Member

    Hi, yes, it must be unsweetened soya milk. You will find different brands vary quite a lot in calories and carbs so check labels.

  17. mushu

    mushu Member

    Cambridge SS
    I was wondering how you move onto the ss+. DO you have to lose a certain amount of weight? How do you know when you're ready for the next step?
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  19. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    If you are suitable for SS, you can do SS+.

    Some people never SS, only do SS+

    Have a chat with your CDC and see what she says :)
  20. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    Slim and Save
    Any menu ideas for SS+ im not a salad fan so im worried about what iwill make the food into!
  21. Shadaca

    Shadaca Silver Member

    There are loads of ideas on the 790 thread that can be adapted, have a squiz and get some inspiration from there.
  22. Purple Hugs

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    Slimming World
    Great to read about the new rules, Thanks for taking the time to post!
    I'm restarting next week :)

    Rice milk may also be an alternative to dairy milk. :) not sure which woudl have more carbs though, but sweetened soya is generally sweetened with apple juice..
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