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Sole Source Plus 2nd week

thats the same as me, almost - lost 6lbs first week, then an average of 3lbs every week after. I'd say most ppl lose 1stone a month for reading peoples loses on here (thats about what i've done)
I know how you both feel.. I started CD beginning on July on step 3 lost 8 pound in first week, then lost 7pound on weeks 2 & 3, been on ss+ 2weeks not even lost 8pound yet :(
I am on my third week, my first week I lost 7 ibs and on my second week I lost 5 ibs... I am expecting / hoping to lose about 3 ibs each week now!! I'm doing sole source plus
That's great! I wouldn't turn my nose up at a 3lb loss, would be a bit miffed at any less though I think.
Well done on your losses so far x


Nearly there...
Hi hun, the first week will always show a larger loss on the scales as you predominantly lose water in the first week (glycogen). After that, the losses tend to stabilise out and you will see averages. There's nothing saying that you won't lose more some weeks but it'll all end up around the same. I read somewhere that the difference in ss/ss+ is only actually around 1-2lbs a month - so its not really worth the gut-wrenching hunger on those days that you need the protein..

Hope that helps!
Sauce x
Can't believe that the weight difference between SS & SS+ is around 1-2lbs per month!! This definitely put things into perspective for me as I would like to have an evening meal with my family.
A lot of people say that weight losses on SS and SS+ are very similar so if that little bit of food makes all the difference to sticking to it or not, it just has to be a good option. There was no SS+ when I did CD, so I did 790 because I just couldn't stick to SS for more than six days. The very first time around I managed four weeks and lost 2 st. No idea how I got through it! I was very heavy tho when I first started. Like most diets lossses are much bigger if you are heavily overweight to begin with. Even then, they tend to settle down to a steady 3lb per week on average.
Just had my 3rd weigh in... I lost 4ibs this week so I've now lost 16 in total... Very pleased!! Only another 12 to go before my holiday... And then another 2 stone when I return to get to my goal!!


Nearly there...
Well done Lily! And yes, its mad when u look at it like that. Well worth it for sanity! :D
I'm on my last stone or so and losing the will to live lol, I think its just complacency cos I'm so near. I was 9st 9 Tues and 9st 4 this morn so its dropping, but not quick enough ;) xx
Fantastic. Enjoy every second of your thinner self and just keep on going! Good luck with the rest x


Nearly there...
Thanku, u too and I'm glad the end is in sight, just four more weeks :D xx

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