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** Sole source saturday Daily Thread**

well thought I would start it this morning as I need to focus myself !!

After my fabby loss on monday it all went downhill , ate on monday and tuesday and then again yesterday .. and showing an 8 lb gain .. damn my water retaining body !!! No way I will get even most of it off by weigh in on monday so have to face my CDC's disappointment :cry: I only had 12 lb to go .. now its 20 :cry: oh well , its all about learning I guess !!

So today my hubby has just taken my car in for its service and MOT .. its 3 yrs old so its 1st MOT and i have everything crossed ... my last car ( same make ) cost us £900 at its first MOT so kinda fearing the worst ...... we really really dont need any more bad luck ........ we are going to go into town in an hour or 2 and meet him and ave lunch and a wander round the shops ...... I am now really into clothes and finding my own style , so hoping to get a few nice dresses .... I won a gorgeous one on e bay last night for £3.72 !!!!:D

So I am hoping to SS till monday ( at least loose a few of the 8lb I have gained .... ) then will get back on 810 as I ave my gym induction on wed .. will do a week on 810 then up it to 1000 so I can start some intensive exercise .. really do need to tone tese wobbly bits up now !!!

Hope everyone has a good day :)
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Morning katie aww big hugs you will be fine for the next 3 days im sure.!!

you always do loose heaps of weight when you ss.. hope you have a good weekend chick.!

im off to zumba at 11am then shopping with my mum, CD wise im gong to SS+ as i have nothing planned really so will be able to do this fine.!

miserable weather out there hoping it stop's pretty soon.x

have a good day everyone x
Morning Katie and shanny, hope you don't mind me gate crashing. I'm also off into town but am going to one of those fish pedicure places. Is my reward for losing 2 stone, I hear it's great but am a bit nervous now as I get really ticklish. Lol have a fab day everyone x


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Morning girls!

Happy Saturday!

Katie, everything crossed for the MOT :( bloody cars!!

Hope everyone has a fab weekend, I'm
Waiting for an emergency boiler man to come as woke up in a freezer heating knackered woopy do!

But... 10lb off this week do regain weight, 8lb to go til losing new
Weight hoping to be not far off that by next week! Xxx
Morning everyone!!

Woke up this morning to a thick layer of snow and more coming down! I hate snow :( was meant to be going out to the dales for a walk with my OH but having a bed & dvd's day instead :D

I have just kicked him out of bed to make me a coffee!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
What brilliant weight losses you have all had!!! Lauren does your OH know you are on the diet, or will it be a complete surprise for him?
I have been working all day today, wish I was in bed with a dvd too! Tomorrow is much of the same. Good luck girls, but from the looks of things you are all on a roll!


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Good luck with the car love mines just had a m o t didn't cost a whole lot but then needed tyres and we have a m p v so not cheap! But I'm sure you'll be ok!

My Saturday has been ok had a little chicken and my bar and my shake for
Lunch, have alot of energy today don't know why! Been and spotted lots of clothes for summer! Will need some new clothes soon!


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Hope the car went ok..

As for food, just continue being good, and I'm sure you can level it out a bit.... your doing well.. I've also been rubbish this week, and thinking I need to sort myself out seriously!

Been in bed most of today.. and had a bad lunch. But had a bar this afternoon, and having chicken cottage cheese and mushrooms for dinner, so hoping to pull it back a bit..

Better luck next week for us both Katie!


please try again
evening ladies, hope everyones having a good one

was a day of shopping for me today, im shattered! was snowing so i walked to my sisters with madam in her wheelchair which ended up soaked so my sister decided we should go without it. hmmmm not a great plan since ive basically spent 7 and a half hours carrying a 18kg weight over my sholder. ahh well im sure it counts as this weeks quota of exercise, lol
shanny , hope you had a good day shopping :)

Party girl .. how were the fish... I have been thinking about treating myself but not sure I wouldnt jump and squoosh them all as I am very ticklish ....

Lauren , whoopp 10 lb , fab .. hope your boiler goto sorted !!!

Felix , the idea of a day in bed with DVDs sounds amazing ... the kids wouldnt agree though !!!

Summayah ... sounds like hard work , defo good exercise !!!

Well .. the car just needed brake pads so just £100 ish for MOT ... much better than I expected as our last car cost us £1000 to get it through its first MOT ... so I spent a fortune on clothes for me instead ..... the poor kids ... I used to buy them loads of clothes for them as hated clothes shopping ( having to shop in evans limits choice !) ... but now I am loving clothes shopping :)

Had a really hard evening diet wise ... was sooo very hungry and almost caved , but didnt , I had a nap instead ... so doing ok .. but just realised that my wiegh in this week is after I have worked a night shift ... so aswell as the weight I have gained .. there is also the fact that I will have been up all night drinking ..... I dont wanna go :(

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