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Sole Source tiredmess

Hi Everyone,

Looking for some advice! I've been on the Sole Source plan for 6 days now, and not quite sure everything is normal:confused:

I was told day 3 and 4 might be a bit difficult with headaches, tiredness etc, and so was quite prepared for it. Now i'm on day 6 and I am still so tired, feeling really 'weak' and have absolutly no energy! I'm drinking about 5 liters of water a day...and no improvements

Any ideas???:cry:
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It will get easier beleive me, have you tried splitting your packs in half and having more smaller meals...your water intake is ok, but don't drink it all to quickly, sipping throughout the day is better.

Are you doing any excerise at all, or excertinfg yourself in any way...if so you must be careful. You are taking in so few calories that you need to take things a bit easier for the 1st couple of weeks and then only gentle excerise i.e. swimming, walking etc...

It does get better...hold in there hun...

Hi HM,

Thanks for the encouragement:)

I split my shakes in half, so that they're not too thick. Have cut down on the exercise, but still no improvement.....
My CDC says it should have passed by day 6 and that I should be feeling really energetic!!! That, I am definitley not!!!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hang in there, maybe if it is possible have a short nap in the afternoon, I must confess that is what I do some days...40 winks just revives you some......have a black coffee if you can..just take it easy.
Everybody is different, it may take a day or 2 more for you, just take it easy hunni.


I will get to goal .....
Hey there, stick to your guns hun.:D

It will get easier as HM said. Some people take a little longer than others to adjust. When I started (pre-blip) I was sleeping for England but now i'm into the swing I feel great and rarely tired. It's so worth the short term side effects, so hang in there and you'll be fine ;). In a couple of days you'll be feeling really good about yourself.

Mrs V

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Try not to over do it either Hun.

I think sometimes we assume that becasue we are on a diet, we should be far more active...on CD, you don't have to, especially when SS'ing.
As the others have suggested, try splitting your packs to stretch them through the day.

Keep at it.

Hi HM,

My CDC says it should have passed by day 6 and that I should be feeling really energetic!!! That, I am definitley not!!!

I felt totally exhausted for 6 weeks :eek: so I think it's a very individual thing and not necessarily the case that everyone feels on top of the world and full of energy. I did CD 18 years ago and that time I felt full of energy and never hungry but this time my experience has been totally different.

I still wouldn't change it though as I don't seem to be able to lose weight any other way!

Hope you do start to feel revitalised very soon!

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