Sole Source+ weight loss queiry....


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I am 8 days into my sole source+ programme and went for my first weigh in on Tuesday (6 days into the programme). I am only 10.4 stone so i realise i don't have much to lose but i was a bit disappointed to find that i had only lost 3lbs. I have stuck to the plan completely and am drinking lots of water. I am in ketosis (according to the little sticks) so not sure why it isn't coming off a little quicker, although obviously i realise i won't loss as much as someone with more to lose.

Advice please.......

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S: 18st3lb
In the first week most people lose their glycogen store which is normally overloaded from eating too many carbs.

I lost a little over 10lbs the first time I did SS and I had eaten a few last suppers before starting...

Now if I start back I cut down on the carbs and I might lose about five to seven pounds but this is at a much heavier weight than you are now.

So you started at 10.4 stone and lost 3lb.

This is 2% which is excellent as opposed to my first weight loss of 10lb off a starting weight of 250lb which equals 4% which was mostly glycogen and water from the overloading my glycogen stores.

You are actually taking more from less...and is most lightly mostly fat you have lost.

Does this make sense.:confused:

Perhaps someone else can help explain this much better than I am doing:eek:

Love Mini xxx


I think 3lbs sounds about right on SS+ for your weight. Not everyone has a huge loss the first week. You will probably have a more consistent loss ie 3lbs a week instead of 1 big loss followed by smaller losses

Does that make sense ?