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Solgar Oat Bran Tablets


Not very good at this!
I've never heard of them but I don't see why anyone would want to take them rather than make some of the amazing oatbran bake products in the recipe section. I think the thought of my muffins is the only thing that keeps me going some days!!


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I agree with M-mouse there! Won't be without my oatbran creations, but my question was - what are the ingredients - 100% oatbran and nothing else? But what are the dosages - how are you going to work out the equivalent of 1Tb - by weighing maybe? As I see one of the main aspects of this diet as 'back to unprocessed foodstuffs', I'd personally avoid them.


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Is there a reason you would rather use the tablets?

After a few weeks in cruise I came to love my oatbran - remember, it's the only thing in your diet which will replace bread, cakes, biscuits, pastry...

Not only do I get to eat yummy hot pancakes everyday (and my toddler nieces line up behind me, plates held high and ask me to make extra "Auntie-pancakes" for them!) - but also southern-style chicken, with a crunchy coating, and (at weekends) ginger snaps with my coffee.

But I can see a use when traveling - once or twice I've had to skip the oatbran because I had nothing to eat it with or to cook with, (or because the container split in my handbag - bran in the laptop! disaster!

So I might consider carrying a few in my emergency travel pack (biltong, splenda sachets, condiment sachets, napkins, plastic fork etc)


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Apart from anything else, I'd think that eating it in tablet form wouldn't feel as satifying and perhaps wouldn't help so well with keeping hunger at bay.

Still, Atropos made a good point about using them for travelling. As long as there aren't any hidden, non-Dukan nasties in there, it might be worthing checking that out. Much easier to take with you through airport Customs!


Goat herder(ess)
"So, Ms Debut - what exactly is the purpose of the powder we found in the baggies tucked into your washbag - hmm?"
That reminds me of the time when I almost, unthinkingly, took some of my famous (decidedly non-hallucinogenic) chocolate brownies when I flew to Amsterdam to visit friends in the Netherlands. Maybe they'd imagine that I was bringing coals to Newcastle. :D
Well I got my Oat Bran...started the diet on Monday last week and have lost a stone! Am so very shocked...just got to experiment with the Oat Bran now :)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Great stuff - well done! Have fun 'creating' with oatbran now! I would not want to be without my bread, muffins, pancakes and porridge (not all in one day obviously)...
i would have to agree with the others, i would be lost without my little portion of carb like lovliness in the day, and the recipes that can be used are really imaginative and can easily be given to other non-dukaners as much healthier alternatives to normal baked produce. even my other half was very impressed with my batch yesterday, and as someone who loves to bake, thats a real god send, as i can have fun trying to come up with new alternatives (once im a little more versed on the dukan ways of doing things) and i can keep one of my favorite hobbies.
Hi All,

I was really looking forward to trying the cookie recipe but am now struggling to find it. Please can someone post a link or tell me the title?
I have a Dukan cookie recipe, but i didnt get it here, so it might not be what your looking for, anyway, here goes:

3 scoops oat bran, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 scoop sweetener, 2-3 scoops yogurt, 1 egg.

mix together, put into a greased tray (simply run a tissue with some oil on it around the tray or use spray oil)

put into oven for 15 mins at 180 degrees, after 15 minutes, it has a light cake consistency, so turn it over for another 15 minutes to crisp up the outsides and its supposed to be soft on the inside but crispy on the outside.

i tend to cook it only until the first stage!! :)
Thank you very much...can that be the vanilla muller lite yogurt?
Apologies i should have said.. No I use non fat or v/l/f yogurt.. There is no taste of yogurt off it so it's not really needed.

If you wanted you could add a couple of drops of vanilla if you wanted the vanilla flavour.

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