some advice needed


I've been very disappointed in my weightloss to date. I know I have lost weight, but it hasn't been a great deal and it's been getting less and less each week and it looks as if this week i will only lose 1 pound.

I know that if you are over 5 foot 8 you have to have 4 packs, but what if you are really short, should you have two packs? Are there any guidelines to this?

Is there anything else I could do to speed my weightloss up as if it's only going to be a pound a week it's probably not worth it.

I have stuck rigidly, with no cheating and drinking plenty of water so today i'm just a bit despondant...
You should always have your 3 packs to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need, hun.

I know that sometimes our bodies are just plain annoying when they don't respond as much as we would like to the diet. I had losses of 1.7lbs occasionally, but then the weight loss would be greater other weeks, so the average is about 3-4lbs a week.

Don't give up - it's impossible for you not to lose weight if you're sticking to the diet 100% and are drinking plenty of water. The more water you drink, the faster the weight will come off.

Chin up - it's just a phase where your body is hanging on to water. Have you checked your measurements? Sometimes you lose inches even though the scales are sluggish!
16lbs lost in 3 weeks is fantastic!
Its not TOTM is it? that can add lots of water retention, I stayed the same weight all last week, but when it stopped I'd lost 4lbs in a day !!
All The best-dont let this get you down:)
Keep on chugging. You're doing brilliantly. Some weeks will be better that others, but you are way on course for the average weightloss of one stone a month. In fact, you've already exceeded that.:cool:

It's easy to get carried away with other people's losses. Some people just seem to melt away, others (like me) kept on slowly and steadily.

The difference with this diet compared to more traditional diets, is that it's rare to have long plateaus.

People say things like "I can lose more on a normal diet", but the fact is, though the eating plans might suit them better, constantly losing week in and week out isn't so common.

After I lost a lot on SW, I managed to have a 12 week plateau while I was sticking to it 100%:eek:

Never had anything like that happen on CD.

So you may well have just a 1lb loss this week, but I bet if you stick to the plan and not let it throw you, you'll have a great loss next week :)
Unfortunately it's not TOTM, that was last week so i was rather anticipating a huge weightloss because of that. not 1lb anyway...

I think i'm quite worried that as i've gone from 7,5,4 to 1 that next week it'll stop altogether :-(

I am struggling so much, especially today. I'm in week 4 now and my hunger hasn't gone away. I could eat my arm right now :-( (which of course would help me lose weight....:D )
Wow your weight loss isn't slow at all!! You lost more than I did in 3 weeks and you've already lost more than the one stone a month. I lost 'only' 2lbs in week 4 and was a bit disappointed but lost 4lbs on aam week so the losses vary from week to week - don't assume it will stay at a pound a week now. (Oh and if you eat your arm, you probably won't lose weight, you'll put some on because it's probably got loads of carbs in it:D )
Can I just say your weight loss so far is fab........
I know you dont feel this BUT
it is said the recommened loss is 3 lbs a week which = 1stone per month.
Just think if you lose ''JUST'' 3lbs a week by Christmas that will be another 36lbs off = a total loss of 52lbs at ''least'' from start????SO IN ENGLISH YOU COULD BY CHRISTMAS JUST 82 DAYS AWAY BE 4 STONE DOWN IN TOTAL!

Your not alone here we all know how you feel we all want huge losses especially if we have lots to lose as we want it gone FAST!

We know what its like to have bad days hungry days and feel is this worth it days!
Your not alone in your journey hunny we are with you too
Please dont give up this will work it is working and expect no more than a loss of 3 lbs a week and you'll be :D

P>S you may be hungry as you need to up your water intake??

Thanks everyone. You have really cheered me up!
I think that doing this at work is the hardest as i get so many jibes. I've explained it to my colleagues but they just don't get it and make quite nasty comments about it.

thank you thank you.
Hi, I've lost 47lbs in 4 months (with a couple of weeks off). My weight loss has been sometimes 6lbs or 2 or once 0. There just doesn't seem to be much of a pattern.

The only things I've noticed are:

  1. Week 3 is often a smaller loss. Noticed quite a few people mention that. Not sure why.
  2. Water helps. I found 5 to 6l a day worked best, but some people are fine on less - you need to find what works best for you.
  3. TOTM - often 1lb loss but balanced out the following week
  4. Often if I've had a 5lb loss one week then it may only be 1lb the following week. Works with a big loss after a small one too!
But you will lose 14lbs a month if you stick to it not matter how the individual weeks work out. And you are well ahead of that.

Can you imagine that it may have taken me a year to lose this weight with WW/SW etc. Assuming I could have stuck it for a year!

All I can say is keep going - you've made a great inroad into the weight already!
Hi smallkat
You've lost a fab amount so far - well in excess of the 'average' of 1 stone per month.

You have to step back and see your losses and an average over a period of time and not what's happening week to week. It's difficult when the road ahead seems a long one and you see other people losing 5 or 6lb at a time (usually men it has to be said!) but if you're losing an average of 1 stone per month then you're doing brilliantly!

Don't forget that on CD it will be ALL FAT you're losing as you're in ketosis so every 1lb counts - unlike other diets, you're not regaining and losing the same 1lb of glycogen every week before you even touch the fat stores.

I know how you're feeling because I started off with 9st to lose and even when my first stone was gone, I looked (and felt) no different. But keep chipping away and very soon, you'll see dramatic changes - and so will everyone else!

I've lost 6st 6lb so far (90lb). That's over a period of 26 weeks - that works out at 3.46lb per week - almost bang on the average. Some of those weeks I lost 5lb and some I stayed the same so you have to look at the bigger picture to assess how you're doing ... and you're doing GREAT!

Keep it up SK :)
Thanks everyone. You have really cheered me up!
I think that doing this at work is the hardest as i get so many jibes. I've explained it to my colleagues but they just don't get it and make quite nasty comments about it.

thank you thank you.
Hi I got the comments from work ohhhhhh it will go straight back on
ohhhhhhhhhh i couldnt do that..............
oh if you ate less and exercised more you wouldnt have to do fab diets
if you wanted to be slim you would be!
Take no notice your doing it for you as at the end of the day they have there own problems and you dont see that and making jibes at you makes them feel better about they're lives?
Just remember though some people will be jelous at your amazing will power well come on think what amazing will power you have ?
Hey ladies and guys - i need some cheering up.
It's now looking like i will have lost nothing at all this week, which is really devasting to me.

I don't find doing this eay as i still feel hungry pretty much all the time, although i am getting through the recommended 4pts and more.

I am completely at a loss as i haven't cheated at all.

Maybe because i am very short (my height doesn't appear on the weight scale inthe cambridge book) 3 packs simply is too much for me.

What else can i do to get this shifted?

does having a tetra brik for my lunch at work have an impact?
Smallkat, This diet works, what ever the scales say.

Also, weight loss on CD is slightly different to any other diet I have done.

I have been known to stick for 6 days and then lose 3lbs overnight.

I know its hard, trust me, I'll be in week 11 on sunday for me and I have had some small losses and some big losses, however, I have still lost 3st and 4lbs in total, small losses can make you feel down, I know that, but the week after will be good more often than not. I dont think I am having a good week this week, my clothes dont feel any looser, however, last week I lost 6lbs and I know in my heart that I cant do 6lbs every week, the week before, I lost 1lb and that was it.

So it does pan out over the month, it sometimes does seem not worth it, but I know on the many other conventional diets I have tried it would take me at least 6 months to lose 3st. I have done more than that in 11 weeks, with weight losses on some weeks as low as 1lb. For me, I put it into context, 16 to 20 weeks out of my whole life to lose the weight then i have the rest of my life ahead of me to be healthy and happy.

Please keep at it, you can let me know anytime you need help x x
Here is my motto from everything to my PhD to saving for a house....

Slow and steady, the turtle wins the race.

Oh, I hope that makes sense. I am from America and it references a children's story about a turtle and a rabbit racing.
Even if this week is a slow week you honestly are doing really well so far.

Bet you anything if you had a friend who'd started on SW or WW at the same time as you, they'd have lost HALF or less of what you've lost now.

Upping the water sounds like a good plan though.
Hi smallkat,

As you see the weight comes off differently at different times during this really can't compare with others.

Your weight loss to date is very good.

If however, you were only taking two packs a day...this will slow down your weight loss as the first thing your body will do to protect itself if it feels it is lacking in nutritional needs is retain water and go into famine mode where it will hang on as long as it can to what weight you have.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you take your three packs and drink plenty of water and it is over the coming weeks that you will see what is your average for each month.

The guidelines are for a stone a month for a woman and this can vary up and down due to many things from age, height, genetics, activity and of course men lose faster than we women.

If you feel you are a slow loser on a vlcd then you can be sure you will be even slower on most other diets out there.

It is very addictive in the first weeks watching the scales go down very quickly, but then after the first month it does find a balance...that is your own unique way of losing weight.

Love Mini xxx