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Some advice please :)

I have tried just about every diet going and although i can lose weight it dosent last and tbh i am at the end of my tether with it all.

I am thinking about doing calorie counting as it seems to be one of the only things i havent tried before and friends etc say it makes more snese cos i can still have a life lol.

Just wondered if someone could please advice me as to how many calories i would need and how is the best way to use my calories or can i pretty much use them as i feel fit, i like veg etc but tbh am not too keen on fruit although i know i should eat it i do have to force myself to do so lol.

I weigh 17st 5 :cry: so how many calories would i need to eat to lose weight???????

Thanx for the help :) xxxxx
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S: 103.42kg C: 60.78kg G: 65.32kg BMI: 19.2 Loss: 42.6kg(41.23%)
hello hun, welcome to calorie counting, personally i would suggest you take in 1300-1600 for your weight but you can adjust that if you need to.

i would also suggest spacing out your calories, for e.g. ,

B- 250
s - 100
l- 300
s- 100
d- 400-500
s - 100-200 if you need it.

if you got any questions just ask away, theirs very nice people around here that i'm sure will be happy to help.

if you are a bit iffy on my advise you can try this website, basically you sign up for free and you can log in your daily foods and it helps you track what you've eaten, it also helps to determine how much calories, carbs , fats and protein you should be having in a day until you reach goal. Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com.

hope that helps xx


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I take around 1200 a day I was 14st 9 and I'm now 12st 4 so I've managed to loose all that since January.
Try to see how you get on at a reduced amount the range Tamzy suggested sounds good.
I also use my fitness pal to track my calories and exercise, it definitely helps.
Good luck x


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S: 18st12lb C: 18st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 0st7lb(2.65%)

I started at basically the same weight as you - minus 1lb!

Calorie counting is a great way to lose weight as you actually learn about food at the same time, and it makes you make good decisions, rather than just eating whatever shake/bar you are told to!

I decided to try to eat 1000 cals a day, but was generally having 800 a day. I then boosted this to 1000 and have again boosted to 1200 as I would rather have a steady weight loss than a quick one that doesn't last.

I use Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss which I really recommend. It is another website which is free and you can log a food/exercise/body diary.

I definitely recommend using a food diary to keep track and it is really easy.

I would say the same as Tamzy - aim for around 1300-1600 a day, and try to do exercise too.

I don't particularly like veg, although I have been trying to eat more, but as long as you stick within the cals then you should be fine. For example, my cals for today only come to 800, so I have two nice choccie bars for this eve!! As long as your fat intake isn't huge as well, then there should be no problem with what you have.

Any questions, just ask! x

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