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Some advise....or comments...plz


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Hey all

I'm in a bit of a dilemma....I have just re started CD again after my m/c but will be going home on 26th July for 11 days.

I really want to lose as much as possible between now and 26th July which is 2 weeks and 2 days away and i realise it probably won't be that much.

However, I really want to be able to eat when I go home. After all that has happened not only the m/c but the recent breakdown of my relationship with my partner I feel like I deserve to eat my mom's food. She came here at the beginning of June and I wasn't able to sample anything as I was on CD at the time.

I realise reading this statement it sounds like I want to comfort eat which perhaps I do want to, but I will make a very conscious effort in regards to carbohydrate content, calories etc...

Now my question is (after all that) would you continue doing the diet or just have that break and trust yourself?? With my partner moving out I am not sure if I will b e able to continue CD when I come back because of the cost, and also the thought of going through the first few days is not very appealing...

Just after some ideas perhaps, or what the majority would do. Still have 25lbs to go until my ultimate goal so no way I'll be able to do that in 2 weeks :D

Sorry for the very long msg :sign0007:
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You are feeling very vulnerable now and I feel you are holding it all in until you get back home to your Mum...

If you move up a plan or two now and stick with it before heading off you will have got a pattern established and it will help you stick with low carb foods much better when you are home with your Mum.

You can also increase your exercise and build muscle and tone up on a higher plan and probably lose the same weight or more with it.

If you go comfort eating on carbs you will undo all your good work and end up depressed.

Have a plan and stick with it.

Love Mini xxx


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Sounds like a good plan.:):hug99:

Love Mini xxx


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sorry to sound vague but what is m/c. i think at such at heartbrakeing time you should do what you feel is right. If you can eat without carbs (ie the comfort of pasta, bread, rice, cheese etc) you will find it a lot easier when you are ready to start again.
I don't know your losses or targets but at a time like this you (and not goals) are the most important commodity.
I wish you well


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I hope i don't offend here or confuse you in anyway but just giving you my opinion. I understand your feeling very emotional right now and want to look your best for going back and you deserve your mums cooking etc however you have restarted this diet and although not sure how much you have lost i am sure you have gone through the first 3 tough days so are already in a pattern. Being with your family at this time is the most important thing and not food (i know that is easier said than done). I feel that you may start feeling stronger emotionally if you can commit to cd, it's like a re inforcement in your brain that you can do this and you will get through it. At the end of the day you have to do what is right for you, i would just hate for you to come back and feel guilty/depressed or any other negative emotion that your not on track to reach your target.
I am not in your position so i know it's easier for me to say than do but reading your post bought back memories of when i split with my fiance 3years ago (differant situation, different diet) but i had the same goal and here i am 3 years on with that excess weight when in hindesight i COULD (not should) of stayed on track with my diet and could have been feeling better about myself long ago.

Like i said it is just my opinion and i really hope you do what is right for you, good luck hun. Big hugs.xx

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