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Some before and during pics


Trying very hard!
I am having a bit of a hard time with things at the moment.
I seem to be having thoughts of 'oh just do ww and loose the rest slowly' The thing is though I like CD when I'm doing it properly and if I did change to another diet I would never see it through and end up putting it all back on again.
I was at a wedding at the weekend, had a lovely dinner but where as I should have left it there I did carry on the eating more than I should have done.

The things I have eaten I have checked first to see whats in them so have made a better decision I suppose but its not what I should have been eating on SS+. I've had things like brown bread bagettes with chicken and lettuce, no marj. Not a bad thing when you're done with dieting I suppose but not good for CD.

I've been looking at my pictures and I know there is a difference but I just cant see it iykwim.

I weighed 14st at last weigh in and according to my scales have only lost 2lbs because of my messing about so still have 2 st to loose.

Any advice would be really appreciated!
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dancing queen ;)
oh, wow...you look AMAZING!!!! Had to look again, you sure they are both pics of you, lol...so different...wow
Hun, keep going, you are doing so well!! :)
Look how tiny your waist looks in that lovely dress!!!!
You're doing fab hun, stick with it!


Stubborn tortoise
You look awesome honey, we can see the difference if you can't! Sometimes it takes our heads a while to catch up with the changes out bodies are making, but you'll get there... stay motivated, you are doing brilliantly.

You look soooo good. I cant believ it is the same person in the pics. Hey, 2 lbs is a fine loss. You are doing so good. Keep going...


Cambridge Consultant
I had to look like 3 times.
You look totally different .. Well done you !!!! You look fab!!
I say stay with it hon you have done so well!!!!!!!!!! xxx


Trying very hard!
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments.

I needed a kick up the bum and I am so grateful to you all. I have been on track all day and am going to say this way.

I have weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed i've lost, If I havent though it will serve me right and will make me try harder though!

Thank you all again xxx
Are you serious love? You look at least 10 years younger in the second pic and what a beautiful gorgeous dress? Where did you get it?? You're a very pretty girl and 2 stone will fall off you (if you stick to it giggle). Sorry if that sounded patronising wasn't meant to :) xx


Below 190lbs... wohooo
You can without a doubt tell a difference. I thought about doing WW/SW and doing it the long way but it just doesnt work for me. I need quick results. Just think of summer coming up. You look so lovely and near to your goal. Dont give it up


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
My word, you look like a different person. Thank you, as I've been looking for some inspiration tonight, and your it xx


Silver Member
I also had to look at the pictures several times, there is a huge difference - you should be really proud of yourself. Do you still have the jeans from the first picture? You wouldn't even have to put them on - just compare to what you are wearing now - to see how far you have come. You are proof of what this diet can do!!