some help for a newbie please...


Ok, I'm on day 3 and things seem to be going OK but I have a few questions:

Can you heat up the shakes and soup in microwave? Does this process make them loose their nutrients :confused:

Can you take supplement vitamins :rolleyes:

Will adding pepper, curry powder or garlic granules effect the soup/weightloss in any way :confused:

Is anyone having trouble with sleeping? I'm usually an early bird, but couldn't go to sleep 'til 2am last night! The night before I woke up in fits of laughter :eek:


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Ive heard you shouldnt nuke them and I know your not suppose to add anything but I do and its done me no harm. As for vits im not sure. I tend to sleep better and I never wake up laughing you should see a special doctor xx


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Personally I couldn't have them hot, freezing cold for me and down very very quickly as I do not like them but hey means to an end....need to lose the weight so will put up with them.

Was that doctor the same one you use fatothin?


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How very dare you!:eek:;) xx


hi loulouless, i did try half a choc shake today with loads of ice and water which was quite nice. I'm just worried if the microwave process ruins the nutrients I will probably get ill.


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does it not tell you in the video??


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you can have them hot if you want to. but obviously you cannot reheat it coz its meant to be consumed in 15 mins or something. i always have a hot choc or vanilla with coffee etc...
dont warm them up in the microwave.. i have done this and it smells disgusting because it smells like its burnt and also doesnt taste right. if you do wanna have some of your shakes hot then just mix with boiled water instead of cold.

you are not allowed to take vitamin supplements. im anaemic and need iron supplements but i was told by pharmacist that i could not take these on the diet.

in my first week i didnt have much good sleep but i think thats because i was hungry or coz i was thinking about the diet too much... might also have something to do with the ketosis process but not entirely sure... i did feel quite restless the first couple of days.

i personally havent added anything to the soup.. dont have it much coz i dont like it.. but lots of people put chilli flakes and garlic powder etc and havent gone out of ketosis.. so you should be fine.. :)


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Hi guys
I have my vanilla and choc shake mixed with hot black coffee turning it into a chocca mocha LOL!! and with the soup i add pepper and mixed dried herbs yummy

all the best

xx sharron


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LT dont reccomend it