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A few questions...Help please!!

I do apologise, this is very long winded but I'm getting a bit flustered by it. And really need some advice.

Ok, so the last two days have been bad! My limbs have felt like lead and I've just been fatigued!

Although, last night, I felt ALOT better...but, I had a nap, I had my second coffee of the day and also a couple of paracetomal....do you think that this is what made me feel better?? I was able to manage the gym (weights) after that. And felt good.

Also this morning, I woke up ok, bit achey and had my morning coffee and again 2 paracetomol, and I'm feeling fine...

Do you think I've wrecked my induction by taking these? I've limited myself to ONLY 2 cups of coffee a day (no sweetner, dash of soya milk) as is stated by Atkins. And drank nothing else besides water. Which also brings me to another point. My thirst has gone. Since yesterday morning/afternoon and I'm having to make myself drink the water.

My appetite has gone pretty much, but it was before I started Atkins. Although I did crave a few things when I went in the shop.

Another thing is (Sorry) that I dont know if I've got my ratio's right- I.e. Fat to protein. I'm tracking on FitDay and it says that I'm averaging 58% fat to 38% protein to 6% carbs...I really just dont HOW to add more fat?! I'm adding olive oil to everything. Do you think I'm eating too much protein?? I know the advised amount is 30% protein- 5% carb and 65% fat.

I know I'm probably worrying about nothing, but I'm feeling alot heavier in myself and suspect I've put on more weight. (After dieting quite alot you kinda get to know these things) And its not my TOM.

Apart from the fatigue, I've not had any symptoms of going into ketosis and that can be attributed to caffiene/sugar withdrawal...Its day 4 now.

I must be doing something wrong, like eating too much. :confused:
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I drink tea and coffee like I need it to breathe. Apparently if you've been a heavy caffein user, you shouldnt cut it out, or drastically cut down as it makes you feel terrible.

Have a cuppa, just count the carbs. Thats my advice at least. :)


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I think the new Atkins book says that coffee in moderation is OK. I know I couldn't do without mine, it's the only pleasure I have left at work!

I think you might be going through the 'Atkins flu' so stick with it, it will improve. I don't think you have to worry about taking painkillers! I never experienced any of the typical ketosis symptoms but have been losing inches quite nicely thank you, so again try not to worry.


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I gave up caffeine for the first week - mostly to break a bad habit but i do think it potentially made my atkins flu much worse! Now i do have plenty of tea but use decaf half the time and that works for me:)

Ps take a look at my diary - I a) suffered initially b) then had more energy than i knew what do with and tripled my dance classes :D

I will admit...I've had 3 coffees today and I'm feeling real good :p

And... I think I've lost inches not lbs - which in fact maybe a good thing! At least I'm maintaining muscle and must be losing fat. Which of course is lighter and maybe that's why the scales haven't budged!! That's what I telling myself!!

But then again I might have lost weight! On the advice of you guys on a separate thread, I am abstaining from weighing myself till I really have too!!

Thanks again! Fx this is going to work!
Good news. The 2010 version of the Atkins book suggests we drink coffee in moderate amounts (can also be part of you total fluid intake too)as now the docs are saying caffeine can aid weight loss.


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It sounds like the dreaded Atkins flu hun. It will pass. I never gave up my caffeine, but I've only ever drank black coffee. It is Nescafe espresso though :O


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It sounds like the dreaded Atkins flu hun. It will pass. I never gave up my caffeine, but I've only ever drank black coffee. It is Nescafe espresso though :O
No I didnt either! Only cut down at first. now I just drink how many I want. And it hasnt hurt me at all. In fact, it may have helped. Because it keeps me active, which means I'm moving buring more off!

I've just been drinking Kenco Roast, black but sometimes with soya milk. I quite like that soya milk now lol

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