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Some inspiration needed


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi, I love this site, and some of the stories are sooo inspiring, and really gives me the oomph to keep going.

But, I've also read a lot of re-starts (i'm on one myself, after a three week blip), but I was hoping to hear from people who have done CD, reached their target and stayed there, and how you have managed to keep it off.

I feel quite sad when I read how many have lost so much weight, only to put it back on, and be back here again. Yes, very easy for me to type it on here and I hope my message doesnt come across wrongly or rude. I was just wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences on this, about how it went wrong for them, as it may help and inspire us all when we've reached our goals.
I just think it may help others.
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Hiya Cicerone

I reached goal some two and a half years ago now.

For me I don't "keep it off" otherwise I would be living in fear of "putting it back on" and hence I am just slim now.

Staying slim is 99% in the had and 1% in the amount of calories you eat, therefore I just am a normal size now and will remain so.

For me being obese was never a disease I had, it was a behaviour I had and hence now I have changed the behaviour I learnt I don't "struggle" to be me and be slim.

After I got that mindset I just choose healthy food options, make portion control choices and do some exercise!

Well said Mike - so young and yet so wise......very inspiring. Living in fear of putting weight back on is no way to live. I am starting to feel like a slim person (even though I'm not at goal yet) but you're absolutely right, it's all about adopting/adapting behaviours.


Crawling to the finish!
thanks for that Mike you have a great point. I was eating like a pig because "I was a fat person, and thats whatI can do" But I hope to do as well as you once the weight is gone and no longer live my life switching diets :) xx
I agree with the previous posts.
I was slim until i had my last child and then put weight on gradually over about 7 years. I used to watch what I ate ie think i shouldn't really have a piece of cake because I ate sweets yesterday - a mental balance thing. Chose to eat healthy foods. Didn't eat chocs unless i really wanted them.
Once the weight started going on post-baby I lost my 'mind scales' and thought in for a penny. I remember stuffing myself with allsorts. A tin of Roses at Christmas could be gone - even the minging ones.
I used to do the same thing with cigs. I felt like i was on a merry-go-round and wanted to get off. Like there was no tomorrow.
I got my head in gear, stopped smoking July 2007 and lost weight in 2008. There is a tomorrow.
I'm so much healthier and happier now.
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Gone fishing
I have to admit that in the beginning it was 50% fear and 50% loving being at goal so wanting to stay there.

Possibly because I had failed at maintaining so many times in the past. Times when I assumed I would stay there and didn't fear it at all.

Now I see that it's more than just getting rid of the fear....other mindsets come into play.

So...maintained for 3+ years. Loving it...going to stay here forever :D No more fear of regaining, cos I'm just not going to:p So I have no fear of something that is never going to happen :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thank you for your replies. I understand better now, and realise I have to change my way of thinking with regards to food and lifestyle.
Thanks so much x

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