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Some people!!!

Little mini rant here!

I have been on CD for 8 weeks and everyone in work knows (I have a BIG gob). This means that I get asked every week what my losses are, which sometimes gets a bit grating as not all of these people are my friends, but I accept that people are genuinely interested and mostly supportive...Anyway, today I was on a course which involved lunch - I had planned ahead and eaten my porridge half an hour before the lunch so I knew I was sorted. I ignored the buffet and was chatting when one of my colleagues came up to me with a bowl of crisps and made to offer them to me, before snatching them away and laughing, saying 'oh no, you can't can you?'. I felt like shoving them right where the sun don't shine! He then said, 'bet that joke is getting a bit old isn't it?' -er, no, cos no other tosser has done that! Am I over-reacting? Why would you do that to someone??? I am quite in control of what I am eating and had no intention of caving to crisps, but what was his motivation? To make me feel bad? To torture me?
Yours, bad temperedly (but still younger than my colleague and less of a plonker)

Ellie xx
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I think you were right....
he is just a tosser!

I bet he thought he was being original and very funny....

Hope you just smiled whilst thinking you silly pr**k

Sorry for rude words but I hate ,mean people especially when they love themselves and think their mean ness is funny!!

As you say you are doing great so you will have the last laugh!

Ha ha! Trust me Tilly, your language is nowhere near as fruity as mine was in my head at the time! xx

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What a complete d**k h**d.

Some people who have never had trouble with their weight do things like that wothout knowing the damage it may cause.silly boy xxx
What a moronic cretin!!!...but nothing much you can do about the plonkers in this world......you handled it well!


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What can you say other than WHAT A F*ING KNOB. He's obviously got such a sad life and can't be getting any of the other, so the only pleasure he gets is to say & do quite sad and stupid things... he just needs to get a LIFE LOSER!!
Thanks ladies! Don't worry, I will rise above it! x
OMG that awful what a horrible thing to say
well done on being the bigger person and keeping yout temper
just remember soon you will be slim, he will always be a tosser


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What is it about work colleagues??? Tosser!

I had a similar problem yesterday. Was at a brain storming meeting where there were sweets on the table. Colleague threw the bags of sweets up the table to me, I told him I didn't eat sweets, he called me a freak! I told a white lie and said I was diabetic... which was true when I was pregnant.

Where do these people get off?


WILL be Slim!
cheeky sod!
Personally, i would have said something about not wanting a heart attack by the time your 40, but he is more than welcome to it eating that sh*t!
People like that p*ss me right off......its not hard to have a little thought and respect for someone else....
Fuming on your behalf hun!
Thanks ladies - you have all made me laugh!!


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