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Some private goals reached....


has started again!!
Never posted them but these are some of the goals I have been dead chuffed to reach already. How are the rest of you doing?

Wearing my engagement ring, not a QVC pretend one!! (Not worn for years as fingers so fat & puffy) Its comfy now!:cupid:

Got my leather bike jacket back on, and OH actually took me out for spin this week!! It was bliss. I missed it so much, but I had got soooo fat my leathers would not fit and I was far too big to jump on and off the bike!! Now, if only my legs were a tad longer all would be well there!?!:rotflmao::rotflmao:

Went through my wardrobe and tried on all the stuff that had tags still attached. You know the stuff....bought to slim into but you never do!! Except nearly all of it fitted this time, just a couple of size 18s that are not quite there! :princess:

I guess there are other goals along the way, as I have so much more to lose. I think my biggest "goal" will be to have seen this through right to the end. That is something I have never ever done on any diet before!!

Happy Dieting girls and boys!! You know it makes sense!!!:D:D:D
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Hi Sez- love your post. Really identify with the one about the clothes with the lables on- am now fitting into those very clothes, like the size 18 black trousers I bought more than 2 years ago because I was nearly in them and I would just need to lose anohter 5 lbs blah blah- anyway wore them to work for the first time today and they make my legs look great!!

And by next week the Italian designer suit I bought at TKMaxx as a bargain, again 2 years ago and had the trousers taken up- still got the labels from the dressmakers on them- think I will be able to wear that suit for the first time next week- will keep you posted.

Keep reaching for those personal goals!!:)
great thread sez - I have reached most of my goals now which is fab although the flat tummy has eluded me - two children and 17 years of being overweight have scuppered that but I am going to write some more so that there is always a goal for me to aim for ! My best goal but also my saddest is that my wedding dress is now too big for me and that makes me very sad because I knew there was a slimmer me on that day ! Everytime I see a "skinny " wedding dress in a charity shop I consider buying it and hanging it in my wardrobe next to my old one ! If I had known about LL then I would have defo done it !


has started again!!
I know what you mean re wedding dress! Mine is huge, was made for me as I was too enormous for shop ones. It will be like a marquis on me once I reach bmi25!! Its quite sad really.....


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That's a fabulous post Sarah, well done on reaching your goals - you must feel fantastic.

Re the wedding dress I never had one as I married in a registry office and that will be 19 years ago in July ... so my friend (size 12) and I have made an agreement that when I lose my weight we'll go 'wedding dress shopping', say that we're both getting married and both try on the dresses (she's single and never come close to a wedding) -- I can't wait :)

All your goal reached so far are fab and remind us how far we have come.

I supose I still have a long way to go, but have made it to my wardrobe and had on some new trousers on like everybody else bought ages ago complete with tags (have the next sets down too waiting in the wings!!!!).

Also started Salsa dancing about 4 weeks ago after saying for years would like to learn some form of dancing.
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Sorry to disappoint you Sez, but its unlikely losing weight will make your legs any longer ROFL!

I too wanted to wear my wedding/engagment rings, now I can't wear them cos I'm scared they slip off! I am going to have them adjusted once I'm at goal.

I shrunk into all my clothes, then shrunk beyond that. NOTHING I had now fits, need to do some serious shopping soon.

My wedding dress was made for me by my Mum, probably about a 14 , ten yrs ago is now too big.

I'm the smallest I have been my entire adult life.

I am almost a healthy weight for the first time in my adult life (I'm 31)

That's so great Sez...and loving all of the posts about the wedding dresses!!

I too have less than half the wardrobe I had 2 months ago. I went mental and threw out pretty much all of my big clothes. Even stuff that still fit me but I didnt want to have anymore!
This week I bought a pair of size 16 jeans.
I've been back to TopShop for the first time in years, and had to return some items because they were *too big* :bliss:
I've started buying a few things 2 sizes down to spur me on.
I've hit the 3st loss milestone.

It's all good :D
Well done Tiger Girl, you're doing great and a big well done on hitting 3 stone!



has started again!!

Re the wedding dress I never had one as I married in a registry office and that will be 19 years ago in July ... so my friend (size 12) and I have made an agreement that when I lose my weight we'll go 'wedding dress shopping', say that we're both getting married and both try on the dresses (she's single and never come close to a wedding) -- I can't wait :)


I just love this idea!!:D:cool::D

Do you reckon I could get away with it? I am 43 now, a bit past wearing a big meringue dress, but I would sooo love to try one! (Also we would just have to sneak a camera in too!!LOL)

I was married in registry office too, but I wanted to look at least a bit like a bride, so I had a cream satin dress made, calf length, and a lace top over it. My Mum made me a very pretty, but not ott headdress to top it all off. I thought I looked ok then, but looking back at the pics now (this was over 16 years ago!!) I can see just a fat woman...YUK...)

Mind you, OH had his arm in a sling too!! That certainly added to the romance..not. He used to play skittles for local pub every week, and three days before the wedding was riding his pushbike home, in a somewhat inebriated state and fell off, smashing his collarbone. Nuff said.:eek::mad::eek:
LOL Sarah - just picturing your poor hubby with a sling and what a way to get it :)

Course you'll be able to do it - I'm 38 and I'm definitely going to do it ----- just have to remember to take the wedding ring off for the day --- I can't wait :)



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You've started a great thread Sarah!

I can really identify with the posts, particularly Mags - I too have never been this slim - I am so thrilled to have finally after so many years achieved something I so wanted to. I couldn't have done it without LL and CBT/TA counselling that's for sure.

Visited my parents this Easter and also a friend who hasn't seen me since before LL. They both expressed some shock because they hadn't seen me looking like this. "It's too much, you'll get anorexia" were some of the comments. I can see why they would be concerned but they needn't be. In time they'll get used to it, just like I am. Now I've arrived, I'm stayin'.
Great Thread,, lmao again!!!!

You and I have so much in common Sarah.. cept you're WAY older than me... he hee.. well a year anyway!! he he hee hee!!! (Ouch.. that hurt!!) tee hee!!!

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