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Some quick advice please

You've been doing so well so far keen, when's you weigh in?

I don't know about the milk as I don't drink tea! I had a really tough day yesterday (day 5) and had loads of cravings but just went to bed in the end. And today I'm down 2lb to 16st 12lb and feeling great.

My gut instinct is to say you're doing so well in ketosis to stick with it and think of all the great progress you're making. Think of those clothes you want to get into and what your target is. I always find I feel worse afterwards if I have something I should.

But I'm no expert and some of the more experienced CD people could give you some better advice


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Wow, that's fab.... Well done u :0) my weigh in is on Thursday morning, it's been a long week !!! :0) you are right, I don't want to let myself down... I seem to struggle this time every day, I think it's because I'm cooking for the family !! Oh well, will try and be strong. Thanks for your reply :0)


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Hi chick, you're allowed 200ml of skimmed milk on SS+ so if you were to have just the one cup, I really can't see it affecting you (though I'm by no means an expert!) It won't take you out of ketosis, but how will you feel if you do?? That's the important question.
Keep at it.
Sauce xx
Giving that you've been cooking for others makes all the SS that you've done even more impressive!!!! I get my girlfriend to make my shakes for me!! :) cheeky and lazy I know!! But seriously you're doing amazingly!!

Is this your first time on SS? What day are you on?

If you really struggle and cant cope with the SS speak to your councillor on Thursday about SS+, I don't know much about it. Again some of the others on here will be better than advice than me.


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This is my first time on SS, I need the big weight loss to motivate me, I will speak with my CDC on Thursday and c what she thinks, would love to stick to SS though for time being.... If I can :0/ this is my 6 th day today..... Determined not to stand on the scales till weigh in as if I havnt lost much it might lead me to bad ways, I'm a nightmare!
Keen, I don't know how I made it through my days 7 thru 10, it was a struggle like you're going thru right now. But like you, I am determined to stick to SS for the quicker weight loss so hang in there! It does get better. Today I actually have no desire for food - who'd have thought, huh?
You're doing great so don't give up


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Thank u all... Great encouragment from everyone.... Just had my third shake so feeling a bit better now :0) hope u all do really well, I will let you know how Thursday goes, fingers crossed xx

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