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Some reassurance please! :(

Hi everyone,

This is the end of my first week on sw(doing red and green) and i can say that i have honestly enjoyed it!However,I weighed myself this morning(I WI at home)and I hadn't lost anything!I know sw works as I see on here all of your great losses,but I feel a bit down now!
Before SW I did Cambridge for a week(hence the 7.5lbs loss!)could me STS be because I am adjusting to eating again?Also it is almost'ladies day'!

Could any ofyoulovely peeps give me a bit of advice pls?:)
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Its probably a combination of the two, I always am a bit heavier when I am due on, and I was on the cd a few years ago, so it could quite easily be that. CD is torture, but it works, I much prefer slimming world!! dont give up!!
Hello Shinymoon,
Dont be discouraged, I know it's hard esp when you have stuck to the plan. Sometimes the loss doesn't show up until the second week. I had this once and nearly jacked it all in, but I carried on and was really pleased the following week with a 5pound loss. You will lose, dont worry, stick to it. xx
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i was doing cambridge diet a few weeks before i started SW and my 1st WI i stayed the same, my SW lady said it was due to my body tryin to get used to the changes and this could take a while but stick with it. its been hard for me trying to get my head around eating lots of food but im slowly getting there, my 2nd WI is 2moro so fingers crossed my body is adjusting!!!! my bathroom scales say i have gone down a little so i think its starting to work!! yey

stick with it and you will see great results soon xx
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Hi, can I suggest you measure yourself as some find it comes off in inches before you see it on the scales and this was the way our consultant always found for herself. Your body does take time to adjust so hang on in there and I'm sure you will see the results soon and you will do great. Good luck x
Thanks for all your replies-I kind of did answer my own question!LOL I thought it might have been my body adjusting to eating again,its just nice to have some reassurance!

Thanks again xxx

Becca Wecca

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I wouldn't feel too discouraged, you will probably see good results next time you weigh in. And as you said you're enjoying it which is good, so long may it continue and good luck!! x


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Firstly, don't get obsessed with your scales at home!! You'll only do your own head in worrying! All scales are different so you never know! SW scales are expensive ones and are callibrated regularly to ensure accuracy! Secondly yes you may well be right about your body adjusting to a totally different diet/regime- it's obviously not used to all this food you can now have so give it time! SW definitely works- you probably won't see the quick results you had previously but it's a healthy steady way to do it and you're making long-term changes here! Your body will thank you for it and will find its healthy weight if you give it time! Don't be disheartened! I know you want to see results NOW but you have to be patient and not put too much pressure on yourself!X


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There was a lady at my group who didn't lose anything one week and followed the plan 100%. She got discouraged and ate junk and the next week she gained about 2lbs. Then last week she got fed up with herself and thought why she had given up so early and gave it another go 100% and lost 5lbs! Don't lose hope so quickly, I'm sure you will find a loss soon!

Mrs V

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Its definitely a mixture of you eating again and totm Hun.
When I came off CD, I gained 4lbs in my first week of joining my old SW class, so to STS, you have done well.
You will find that the week after totm, you will be rushing to the loo for a pee (sorry about wording!) if you stick to plan 100% and you will see a loss! Just also remember to keep up with the water to flush thorough.

Good luck and well done on STS!


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