Some Tips For A New Cambridge Dieter?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by angeleyes, 7 May 2007 Social URL.

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  1. angeleyes

    angeleyes Full Member

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    Hi there all

    I am planning on starting the Cambridge diet this week and am very excited about it all though also very apprehensive. I ordered a weeks supply from EBAY and have made an appointment with my counsellor for next week.

    I have had a weight problem for as long as I can remember and have tried all sorts of diets including Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming world, Slimfast .........

    I am worried that I will find this diet very hard to follow as I do lead an very hectic life - work full time in busy law firm approx 1.5 hrs from home so have 3 hr commute each day and am also doing a Part Time Post Graduate course in Bristol. I am coming to the end of the course now but have final exams in June and July.

    I want to start the plan now as I have a good 4 stone to lose and would like to get this shifted by my vacation in Sept.

    1.I am wondering how people manage when they move on the maintenance stage - do you find that the weight piles back on quickly and what happens if you stray off the diet??

    2. I am also taking Microgynon (contraceptive pill) - will this affect my ability to do this diet??

    3. if anyone of you have followed ATKINS before you will know that you go into ketosis on that plan - are the side effects the same? Or milder? I was really ill on Atkins.
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  3. _Razorbladelove_

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    Cambridge Diet
    The best tip i can give you is just drink alot of water! lol
  4. Coley

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    Hi Angeleyes!!!:D Welcome to Minimins!!

    okie dokie, just a quick reply before I go off to bed!!

    Oops to Ebay...I'd watch with that. There are a lot of counterfeit packs out there.....could be something else entirely. Counsellors aren't allowed to sell packs on ebay, as the people they are going to haven't been screened and it can make some people very very ill.

    You have a busy life.....try not to worry. So do most people, I am finishing uni, have Cambridge clients and work on the weekends......and do this diet. It isn't a problem, I forget I'm on it half the time and the energy you get on this diet is very odd especially considering the level of calories you take in!!

    to answer your questions

    1. The people who do the maintainance to the letter do not put the weight back on.....they go back to normal eating gradually and so the glycogen store is re-filled slowly and so no sudden gain and the cals are still kept low as you are re-filling glycogen so the scales tend to still go down...albeit very slowly when working up the plans. Your CDC should explain this all to you when you see her/him. If you stray off this diet...the consequences vary. If you eat high carbs then your glycogen is going to whack straight back on, but then again easy on easy off. I'm not going to tell you about other foods cause I don't want you to even think about's just not an option ok? You do have to be bloody minded on this diet.

    2. contraceptives have no impact on the diet at all. not a problem.;)'s a state of ketosis like that. My mum also did Atkins before she did Cambridge and the first 2 weeks she felt dreadful, but on Cambridge she was fine. A little headachey for a few days but that was it. I think the Cambridge stuff being full of all the nutrients you need really helps. I also think it depends how much rubbish you've been eating before. When you go onto this diet, you will go through carb withdrawl....obviously if you were a high carb eater before this will be worse for you. You'll probably also get sugar withdrawl. Both of these things can make you feel a bit rotten - perhaps like you did with Atkins. Try cutting down your sugar and carbs....oh...but you already have stuff??

    The side effects differ from people. As Marcus has just said, water is the key. It sorts sore heads and stops grumbly tummies. I know the min is 2.25 litres....try and do 4. It really helps and it also seems to help with losses. Drink drink drink and distraction. Here is a great place to come, or the arcade (it's up the top in the blue bar). The first week is the worst for the withdrawl and the hunger....after that its just the battle in your head you have to get under control.

    Right...that was a bit longer than I intended!!!

    good luck...I'm off to bed!!!

  5. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

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    Welcome to minimins...Water really is the key, before starting the packs reduce your carb intake for a couple of days, it helps with the side effects of detoxing...

    I have a very busy life style & work night at the local hospital CD does fit into my life....and to be really honest because losing the weight has been very important to me i have made CD fit into my life style

    Keep posting on these boards, everyone is extremely supportive and have certainly hepled me when the going get tough....

    Good luck
  6. angeleyes

    angeleyes Full Member

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    thank you all! Have a good day. I think I will start to cut down on calorie intake and gradually build up to taking the diet that way hopefully( !!!) the side effects will not be that bad.
  7. Lesleyfx

    Lesleyfx Flutytooty

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    Can I suggest you don't worry about the calories... but reduce the carbs instead like Nicole said. This will reduce the week 1 side effects when you do start CD. So cut back on bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, flour, cakes, biscuits, deserts, sweets, sugar, etc. Eat more lean meat and salad/veg instead.
    Energy-wise the first week will see you shattered so take things a little slower and treat yourself by curling up on the sofa when you can. Week 2 onwards you will have more energy than you do now! Ketosis is good like that.... just make sure you don't cheat at all and you'll feel great!
  8. angeleyes

    angeleyes Full Member

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    Hi there lesleyfx

    thanks for advice. I am quite pleased with myself actually as I have cut down on calories and carbs the last few days. I have really restricted my intake of pasta and chips etc and today I have not had any bread or potatos.

    I have also cut down on my caffine intake and have only had 3 cups today of decaff as opposed to my usual 10 - 12!!! I have managed to drink 3 1/2 litres of water so far also.

    Do feel very drained this evening though and am just wondering how I will cope when I start the diet proper next week.

    I will try and take things a bit slower but with my lifestyle as it is at the moment the only time I have to rest in when I go to bed!!!
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