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Hi Skinny.... I love green days too..

One of my favourite dishes is veggi chilli and rice.

I basically chuck everything into a wok (courgette, peppers, mushrooms, chopped cooked potato, kidney beans, butter beans) cook it in the pan and add some chilli powder (or fresh chopped chilli). I then add in a tin of canned chopped tomatoes and leave it to bubble for half an hour.

It's great to freeze, but I normally eat it straight away with loads of brown rice and if it's really spicey - some fat free natural yogurt on the top too.

Will have a think and post some more later x
ooooooooooooo savoury rice with chopped chunky salad veg yummmmmmmmmmm!

cous cous?, stir fry with quorn pieces and blue dragon sauce (5syns)
salad with tuna, if i think of anything else ill post.

Brain freeze!
RUthy xx
Chunky veg soup.

Lots of Potatoes, sweede, parsnips, carrots green beans, onions (and any other veg you have)
tin of baked beans
tin of processed peas
3 lamb stock cubes
salt and pepper

Boil together until cooked! Its delish and only 3 syns for a large pan.
I always love having a Potato, Bean and Cheese Melt. Basically do syn free chips (Par-Boil for about 10mins, drain and leave to cool for abit. Spray baking tray with Fry Light, place pots on tray and spray those again, put in hot oven for about 25mins)
If doing a melt, I'll take the pots out just as they are browning, put into a ovenproof dish, cover with beans and cheese HEA, pop back in the oven until the cheese has browned and enjoy!
You can always add spices to the pots to create different tastes or add some Cooked Quorn Sausages in chunks before you put the cheese on.
This is free on a green day:

Skillet 'pizza'

The potato and egg base makes this a really filling snack. We've topped the pizza with healthy cherry tomatoes, but you could use chopped mushrooms, peppers or onions.

Serves 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes, approx

Fry Light oil
800g (1 3/4lb) potatoes, peeled, boiled (for 6-7 minutes) and grated
1 small egg, lightly beaten
For the topping
200g (7oz) cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
3 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
Small handful chopped rocket leaves

1. Spray a 22cm (8½in) non-stick skillet or frying pan with Fry Light. In a bowl, mix together the grated potatoes and egg. Season generously and spoon this mixture into the prepared skillet or frying pan, pressing down carefully with the back of a metal spoon to make a flat base.
2. Place the skillet or frying pan over a medium heat and cook the 'pizza' base for 8-10 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, preheat the grill to medium-hot. Mix together the cherry tomatoes and garlic in a bowl, crushing them lightly with a fork. Spoon onto the top of the potato mixture and place under the grill for 3-4 minutes or until bubbling and hot. Remove from the grill, scatter over the rocket leaves and serve straight from the pan.


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S: 12st9lb C: 9st12lb G: 8st12lb Loss: 2st11lb(22.03%)
Meant too serve: 3
Yeah i just eat the whole thing!

12oz Macaroni
6 LARGE spring onions
10oz cherry tomatoes
3oz Cheese (use an oz of cheese per person)
2 Eggs
1 Tsp Dijon Mustard (i add 2/3 cause i love it)
500g Natural yogurt (low fat)

Preheat oven too 200

Cook the macaroni- drain and set aside

Chop the spring onions- half the cherry tomatoes - slice the mushrooms

Heat a frying pan sprayed with frylight-

Add the spring onions- tomatoes- mushrooms with the garlic

Cook for 2/3 mins Then add 100ml of cold water

Cook until absorbed

Add the macaroni & the stuff in the frying pan into a dish (stirred in)

Grate the cheese and lightly beat the eggs- mix together the cheese- eggs- yogurt- and mustard

Pour into the dish

Bake for about 10-20 mins or until the set and cheese topping is lightly golden (keep an eye on it-)

Thanks all there are some nice stuff there to try.. pizzas yum chips omg..... I love sw chips but the way u cook them sounds even better. As for the soup sounds lush, thanks all:talk017:.xxxx
CJTJ , im so going to have to try this


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I love the creamy pasta bake from the SW comfort food recipe book - free on green :)

Cut up some veggies and chuck them into a roasting tin - I use onion, mushrooms, courgette and aubergines, crush a few cloves of garlic and sprinkle them over the veg. Spray with Fry Light. Roast for 15-20 mins, gas mark 6.

Whilst that's cooking, boil up a load of pasta.
When the pasta and veg are done, put the veg in an oven proof dish, mix a load of very low fat fromage frais with the pasta, and spoon it over the top of the veg. Bung it in the oven for about twenty to twenty five mins, I think gas mark 6.

I had the leftovers for lunch at work, made everyone jealous about what I could eat on my diet :)

Also, if you can't be bothered with spending a lot of time cooking, I boil a load of pasta, cauliflower, broccoli and sweetcorn and mix it with very low fat fromage frais. You can use one of your healthy A's and chuck some chopped up babybels in too.


My Mouth Is Watering With All This Lush Food. My Hubby Made Sticky Pork Last Week With Rice, Tonight He Done Jerk Chicken Lovely....................xboth Recipes In Slimming Magazine.:d

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