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Someone commented on my weight loss today :)


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Aww wow that's great news polishrose! Bet you had a cheeky smile afterwards?! And if a cashier who you only rarely see noticed so much as to comment then you're definately making a good impression and i'm sure more people around you also notice! Fab news! Go you! x


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Delighted for you PolishRose!:p
Feels great when someone notices you've lost weight (and you have!) Bet your on a high today!
Makes the dieting much easier x
Well done :)


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That's lovely! :)
When people start commenting you know you've lost quite a bit.


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Wow congratulations!
It must feel like your hard efforts are finally getting rewarded, so happy for you ^^


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Wow, it feels so good when someone comments, makes you float for the rest of the day.... well done on your weightloss, you are doing so well... your bound to get lots more comments though...


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Well done - I had a comment today too: first time ever!!!! I played it down but thanked them gracefully lol


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well done ... so nice i am sure now the comments have started your won't be able to stop them !! x

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Polishrose, you've lost so much weight. I can't wait to see people I haven't seen for ages and go ' ha, look at the new me :0)'. The next time I have a family do is early June (they're in another country)so I'm really wanting to have lost the bulk of the weight by then. Finding 810 a bit slow but from what everyone says on here, it'll average out over the month.

Great news tho hun x


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My boss and all the girls in work commented today. It makes everything worthwhile when people notice. Well done.


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Oh well done!!! i started at 20.1 and it took getting down in the 17 (s) for people to really start noticing, but when they do....they really do!!! The mums up the school call me "skinnie minnie" now........which is great, but you do start getting a bit bored of compliments (believe it or not) i dont know how many times i have said "oh thanks" "yes i have lost weight....nearly 5 stone" or "thats so kind of you" JUST TODAY!!

See some people are never happy :)


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S: 21st8lb C: 19st6lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 2st2lb(9.93%)
Thank you all so much :) I love this forum :D

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