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ouch.. dont worry abt it u should be fine just try avoiding all the carbs.. no bread, pasta or anything like that.. try exercising for abt 15-20 mins a day u will lose it just stay positive! drink plenty of water xx
u wont pu anything on by avoiding carbs.. trust me if done it in the past, even though everyone is different it is a brilliant way of losing weight, are you a vege?
If you move up the plans and reintroduce healthy carbs you shouldnt put the weight back on and will be able to do the maintenence plan which will educate you about portion control and what foods to eat
Don't feel embarrassed, your CDC will have seen it all before. These things happen, if you want to carry on losing you just need to get your head back in the right place, draw a line and start again. 3 stone is a brilliant loss, and what you have regained is mostly glycogen stores and water so will go quickly as soon as you start controlling your intake.
Nicky I will drink the 4 ltrs of water and just do soul source until Friday and then speak to my counsellor. I could really kick myself as I still have a BMI of 28 and i didnt want to be fat and 40!!! and 40 is getting closer by the minute ha ha ha
im in my second week of cambridge so im still a baby to this.. i was just saying about that vege thing bcos bfore cambridge i completely cut the carbs out of my diet and i did lose weight, obviously not as quick as SS'ing but it worked, just make sure u eat alot of fresh vish and lean white chicken, it does the trick!! tke cre, PS. the more u drink the more u shrink! xx
lol, thanx. i wanna get down to at least 14 stone.. i dont wanna b 'skinny' id rather be a lil rounded but i just cant wait to start weight training again! hopefully br crimbo ill be alrite! good luck with it all.. tke cre xx

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