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Someone Help!


I have posted a few times on here and have found all the support fantastic.

Feeling very weepy tonight, i am on day 16 and had a really bad day at work. We had a retirement party and a buffet !!

I stuck to my water and shake whilst i was at work, didnt accept the bucks fizz and it has driven me insane all afternoon everyone eating around me. I cant say i was hungry but i just couldnt stop thinking about the food!

Anyway to cut a long story short and not to bore you all to death i brought a leftover tray home for my hubbie and kids to have and then failed miserably......why, i really dont know becuse i had resisted at work.

I have ended up eating 3 (party size) sandwiches 2 with red salmon and one egg mayo!!! i feel distraught and have sat here and cried in despair......im such an idiot.

I honestly feel like going and making myself sick to make myself feel better how sad is that.

My hubbie has been brilliant and told me not to give up because i have done so well and it would be a shame to give up now. The annoying thing is i had quit smoking for four weeks and have ended up smoking because i found doing both too hard and now i feel like i have epically failed on both counts.

The stories on here are so inspirational and just feel at a loss as to how to carry on when im feeling so low. I desperatley want and need to lose the weight to feel better about myself and dont know what happened or why.

Anyones help would be much appreciated and feel free to shout as i am so angry with myself and need a swift kick up the backside.

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Aw hunny, this is not an easy diet is it. I think it has all got to you - giving up smoking only for 4 weeks AND doing the diet. Something was bound to give. Don't be hard on yourself, you are only human and these things happen.

You need to concentrate on one thing at a time, whether its dieting or stopping the smoking. I have given up smoking for 3 months now, but only went back on TFR two weeks ago, once I knew I had the smoking out of my system.

Whatever is the MOST important, do first, then address the other after.

If you are going to continue with Lipotrim, then just draw a line under today, drink loads of water and get back on track immediately. Don't worry about the smoking, use it as a tool to help you lose weight. Once you are at goal and maintaining, THEN and only then, consider giving up the ciggies.

If you want to give up smoking more, then its best to stop TFR and concentrate on the quitting then address your weight after.

It is up to you, but either way darling, you are not a failure, you have just taken too much on board too quickly x x x
Awww thank you. I started smoking again at about day 7 of lipo because i really feel that it means more to me to lose the weight and was going out of my mind not being able to do either. I just want to do it sooo much but find myself so tired and craving eating, not even because im hungry which is so silly. I have been nearly talking myself into doing the maintenance so that i can eat once a day but i know its not what i really want. I read all these posts on here and just want to be able to be as strong as you have all been. Im hoping it will pass quickly and i am going to drink lots of water and miss my shake tonight and get back on track if i can tomorrow.

Thanks so much for your reply xxx

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