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Someone please give me ADVICE!!!!!

Hiya All
I always seem to be moaning when I write but tonight am in a major pickle. I have been on CD for 10 weeks and lost 3 stone, I came off it for a week cold turkey and but 1 lb on. Now I hate to admit that funds are running low and I have got to give up , Xmas is coming , 2 small kids etc HOW EMBARASSING!!! I have been thinking of joining WW giving my body a rest for a week and then joining HELP ME what shall I do. I really dont want to discuss this my CDC as I feel I have let her and myself down as I really wanted to see it to the end which is about a stone away!!!!! Any ideas welcome:cry:
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Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
How about funding CD by selling all your clothes that are too big on ebay, I have put 30 items that are too big on there and just made about £90 and only sold half... These are mainly items I had bought which still had the labels on.... sorry apart from that you could give WW or SW a try...

Good luck with whatever you decide, just didn't want to read your posting and not put a reply..



Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Good luck hun, that is what I am selling my items for but also for some new clothes when I am smaller, not worth keeping the big stuff cos I am not getting to that size again... very therapuetic too!!

Keep us updated... x

Hi Deb

I'm sure your CDC would understand the situation and will do what she can to help you.

Don't feel guilty you're not letting anyone down :hug99:

You've said you only have a stone to go, have you considered just following a low GI diet. The weight care with cambridge booklet outlines a lot of low GI foods and gives some nice recipe ideas, and there are plenty of other low GI books around. Rosemary Conley classes are based on low GI foods and you get an exercise class too, all for £5.

I hope all goes well for you, let us know what you decide and how you're getting on.

Well George looks wonderful. I have 2 girls of my own Niamh (pronounced neve)
who is 8 and Erin who is nearly 6 bless them they are good girls but expensive!!!! Just like there mom ha ha ha

I will not claim this advice as my own because it is not - it was posted by another mini-miner on another thread, but I cannot remember who it was or which thread it was, but I thought at the time it was sound advice.

Have you sat down and worked out what you would spend on food for just yourself in an average day?? If not then it might be worth doing so, and then compare that to the cost of 3 or 4 packs a day. I think you will find that the additional cost is very little if anything.

When you say that this diet cost me £x a week, it may sound quite a bit, but if you were to work it out side by side with the costs of food over the same period, it brings it into perspective.
Hi there

Firstly you have done amazingly well so far and whatever you decide to do you are 3stone lighter than you were! Once suggestion - as you only have a stone to go could you go up to a higher CD plan so you aren't buying as many shakes to bring the cost down?