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Something about chicken...


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Theres something about chicken which I CRAVE, everytime I even think about KFC I just CRAVE the crispy spicey crunchyness of a fillet wing!

I know Lipotrim is meant to change your tastebuds 'way of thinking', so in a few months will I be craving fresh, tender pieces of lettuce? :D
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I will be skinny again!!!
I crave tuna and meat mostly :) and yogurts :p


Here we go again!
I've also been thinking about this. If I really liked say, chinese takeaway will I still really be wanting it? I don't want to eat much junk when I have finished this, although I know every now and again wont hurt. I want to eat a lot healthier and fresher foods after, so just wondered from all you refeeders and maintainers, did your tastes change radically or is it all about being strong and resisting? I have no intention of going back to my bad old ways, but just wondering if things will really change or whether it's case of lots of willpower!


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I use to dream about bacon butties, but by the time I started my re feed I was craving salmon salad with little tomatos, and I never really liked salad and defo did not like tomatos which was very strange. I also found that I did not like bacardi which I use to drink, and now I like vodka which I did not like, so something must have changed my tastebuds.

You will just have to wait and see what has changed for you.

Good luck for week.

Jo x


I will be skinny again!!!
TO be honest I havent really thought about mcdonalds or takeaways at all

Im really enjoying all the food I am eating!

Im worried about treating myself to the fattening foods again incase I end up hating healthy food again lol
I am craving TOAST!!!!!
id give anything for a guilt free slice....oh and a cup of tea.......or a can of diet coke.......or a potatoe........maybe steak

Yep absolutly everything but am craving being happy and slim more!! not much more but more ;-)



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Chicken curries were a massive part of my lifestyle (hence why I'm here in the first place haha) and it might be for the best that my taste buds fall out with these, but I know I'd still like to enjoy one now and again :)

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