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Something is very very wrong here .

Can SW stop working for you? I've gained the last few weeks and been slightly up and down since Xmas but I don't think I'm actually doing anything wrong! This week my syns were bang on 10 daily, apart from Sun when I had a bit of a drink but refused the kebab and came home and cooked SW curry. I eat plenty of fruit, veg and free foods, keep a written food diary and go to the gym and kick boxing when work will allow, I've just started getting problems with my joints because I exercise so hard sometimes, I eat more free food to give my body the fuel it needs so it can't be that. I drink so much water I often worry it's too much and this week I tried replacing one HEXB with 5 Scan Bran but it seems that doesn't even help.
I'm very determined but I'm close to breaking point after almost 2 solid months of trying to get the ball moving and getting nowhere. HELP!!!
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I'm so sorry you are struggling hun but I don't think SW stops working. After messing about since christmas I knuckled down and lost 3.5lbs this week. Now I don't have much to lose (I'm half a pound over target) so this is a big loss for me.
Have a look at my food diary for last week and see if you can adapt it to suit you, it may help hun.
The only thing i can think of hun is maybe looking at someone else's diary or eating the same as one person for a week, and see how much they lose compared to you. I am knuckling down this week to get on track need to lose 2lbs a week for 20 weeks before my graduation! If you want I will eat the same as you for a week! I am quite a fussy eater though! Only eat chicken and beef mince and bacon! hehe

I read a post recently, can't remember who by unfortunately saying that they were near target and had plataued.. maybe something similar has happened to you? Anyway she had the consultant look at her food diary and said they were fine. So then she started adding up the calories of what she was eating and found out she was having over 2000 kcals a day, so she adjusted her diet plans slightly, smaller free food portions and more super free foods etc. It might be worthing looking over your week and see if some minor tweaking might help?
Im just the same as you at the moment- up and down like a fiddlers elbow. I gained last week and again this week :(
Ive got my treadmill so gonna bang on that, and just keep going. Its no good crying over it. that aint gonna help - just gonna have to knuckle down and get back into it ..... well i 'll try LOL
Can I just ask if you have taken your measurements as well recently??
I have found that even if I dont loose weight, I shift inches adn Im just going to have to accept that! Lol
I think I'll just have to keep plugging away, cutting down on portion sizes where I can. I can't go to a class because my boss is really inflexible and wont guarantee me the time off every week to go, apparently one morning a week for a part time college course is enough. I'm so very upset about the gains because I was so good before Xmas and managed to get down to 13 stone 7 just after but in the space of 2 weeks it's up to 13 stone 12! How is that even possible on this diet and in that space of time?

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