Something that MAY help prevend loose skin!


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Hi all,

I know alot of you are concerned about loose skin after your weighloss. Me too. Thats why i use SBC gels (stands for Simply Beautiful Cosmetics) every day. In the past i have used collagen/arnica gels. They are FAB!

I use the collagen/firming gel and detox gel every night. My skin is definately softer and crepe skin i had is starting to firm a little.

For anyone who is interested you can buy them on or on the SBC website but QVC is cheaper and you can get collections etc.
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I've tried all sorts of lotions and potions and i have to say that in my opinion they're a waste of money.

They might moisturise the skin, but they certainly do not firm or tighten it!

Maybe it's just me!


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I havent found a lotion or potion that works yet so thanks for the tip! Im trying to just do lots of sit ups though!! xxx


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I use body scrub with alge (????? not sure it's the english word) and minerals from some sea (when I went to egypt last january the same minerals helped me get rid of a skin condition so I believe in them XD)

I am trying to get something with aloe vera as aloe vera is one of the very few substances (along with emu oil and some other things I can't remember) that actually penetrate the lower skinlayers (source dutch health website (a reliable one XD) about how to make striae less and the skin tighter).

I guess we all try different things and sometimes they work for us, sometimes they don't. :) The above works for me but might not work for someone else so..


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Swimming and a stretchy pilates band work wonders for me... creams do smell nice, though.

Decleor's slimming/contouring essence is supposed to have aromatherapy benefits, mainly an ingredient that is supposed to suppress hunger. Don't know if it's that or the idea of spending all sorts of money for another bottle that makes me lose my appetite, but something's working! ;)


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I have to say I used the SBC range (they did a lovely smelling detox and firming gel) and I got them from QVC.

I used them religiously alongside Bio Oil and a Phytomer bath creme and it made no difference at all to my skin apart from it made it lovely and smooth!

I spoke to a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon at the hospital I worked and they said there are many many factors in terms of loose skin (age, water, overall health levels, speed of weight loss etc etc) but ultimately if you lose stones and stones and stones in weight you are very likely to have problems.

Saying that loose skin never killed anyone whereas me being 25 stone was definately going to.

My loose skin was my battle scars :) and proof that I beat the bulge


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oooh i sometimes demo on QVC (not skin care, some other products)...... might see if I can sneak some. thaks for the advice