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blobby belly challenge! Can loose skin be improved?

I have asked on here about firming up loose skin, and I can see it's a topic that often comes up, so I thought I would try some products and see if they work!

I know a sample size of one is not exactly representative, but though I would see whether I can firm up my belly... if anyone else wants to try, with any products or methods you fancy, please do join in!

I've still got 24lbs to go till I'm at target, but my belly is the worst bit of my body - it is where I tend to store fat easiest, and lose it last, and it's a little saggy - and I am concerned it will look worse as the last of the weight goes...

So far, I have (occasionally) been using palmers firming lotion, but I have recently bought Nivea 'My Silhouette' gel (which claims to have measureable effects, reducing masurements by up to 3cm) and a body brush... I'm going to give my flabby belly a good brush every day, and apply the gel twice a day.

I will take measurements, and pictures and see if the brushing and gel seems to have any effect... I will log my progress and post measurements on here, but may not be brave enough to post the pics! :confused:

Wish me luck!

(I will also be trying to lose the rest of the weight, so any inches lost may just be due to weight loss, but I am really keen to see if the skin can be firmed up and look less loose along the way!)
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After a few days of scrubbing (body brushing) and applying the gel, I think my skin is beginnning to feel firmer... the centre of my lower belly recently started to feel very soft, especially when I was lying down, and as if the skin was fine and tissue-like... I am guessing this was because it was a little deflated due to fat loss, and being less taut.

Of course, whether this is due to the new regime, or whether it would have tightened up of it's own accord is debatable. I cant see any visible change, but I will keep a photo log and see if there is any significant change.
hi hun i have palmers and i am gonna start doing that again along with 30 day shred will take measurements tommorrow be cool if we could get a few of us testing different products.
hi hun i have palmers and i am gonna start doing that again along with 30 day shred will take measurements tommorrow be cool if we could get a few of us testing different products.
it would - let us know how you get on - and good luck!

Personally, I'm hoping the cream will help with the sagginess... whilst the weight loss should help with the general fat loss.

I don't know how this could be measured without scientific measuring tools... but I am taking pics, and if I see a significant difference over time I may decide to post some!

The main sagginess I have is right at the bottom of my tummy - I am concerned about this looking worse as more of the fat goes, so maybe even if it just stays the same that is a good result?
I am starting on Palmers today too, this is an issue that really bothers me - like you Sonya my main worry is the baggy skin at the bottom of my stomach and I can really see this becoming worse as the weight comes off - also the top of my arms. I am dreading losing all this weight only to have loads of skin hanging off me.

Anyway I will keep checking back here - good luck to all three of us!
good luck - I am using nivea my silhouette on my belly, and a garnier firming lotion everywhere else (its a lot cheaper, so more economical for such a large area! lol!) - the garner one seems very good actually!

I used palmers before, and whilst I liked it, I wasnt sure there was much of a firming effect.

Good luck, keep us informed!
This is something that is bothering me. Bottom of my stomach is quite saggy. Did read about a new cream which can take cms off bingo wings. Naturally it was expensive and I can't remember the name of it anyway!

I have found if I keep doing tummy exercises it is lifting, but will it tone? Only time will tell!

I am using avacado oil, the cold pressed is best. It is so fine it sinks into the skin. I have looked into it a lot and they do say it can help rebuild collagen so I am slapping it on all over. Great for face too. Takes while to sink in but when it does it's lovely and smooth. I live in hope!!

Bev :sigh:

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